Join IECA or Renew Membership for 2018! Help Us Grow The Organization!

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Friends--I am posting my annual call asking you to renew your IECA membership for 2018, or to join in 2018 if you have never been a member or have let your membership lapse in 2017. We need your voice, your participation, and your financial support to move this organization forward into the future.

At the 2013 COCE in Uppsala, Sweden, I was privileged as then-outgoing IECA president to introduce the conference keynote speaker and to present my vision for the then-fledging IECA. In that presentation, I articulated an ambitious set of five-year goals for the organization that included:

*achieve three consecutive years in which revenue meets or exceeds expenditures
*increase its individual membership three-fold, to over 850 members, with at least a third of those members coming from non-academic sectors (education, practitioner, NGO, etc.)
*increase its organizational members to 25
*complete a successful "IECA champions" fundraising campaign by finding at least 50 individuals willing to donate $300 or more per year to sustain the organization's mission
*continue the growth in excellence of the journal ENVIRONMENTAL COMMUNICATION, including moving into the top ten of all communication journals in terms of impact factor
*host (or preparing to host) a COCE conference in the Southern Hemisphere
*host a number of IECA Exposition events aimed at training and development programming for practitioners, educators, and activists
*launch a "professional environmental communicator" training and certification program, based on the association's Code of Ethics
*obtain RINGO status from the United Nations and participated in UNFCCC (Rio +) and other global environmental politics activities

Since 2013, IECA has made progress on some of these goals. Key assets of the organization (the COCE conference and journal ENVIRONMENTAL COMMUNICATION) have grown significantly in inernational visibility and impact. IECA has gained RINGO status from the United Nations. Efforts have been made to offer short courses on environmental communication. 

More remains to be done to build a sustainable IECA that can make a difference in both academic and practitioner/policy realms.

The organization is in able hands, led by board president Richard Doherty, vice president Samantha Senda-Cook, other elected board members, and the staff support of Executive Director Mark Meisner. But they need your help. Join or renew your membership. Use your social and professional networks to spread the word about IECA, the conference and journal, and about the academic and political values of environmental communication as a field of endeavor.

Let 2018 be a breakthrough year for IECA! I'm all in!! Are you? 


About the Author: 

Steve Depoe is Professor and Head of the Department of Communication at the University of Cincinnati (USA). He is a founding member of IECA, and served as its first president (2011-13).