Support IECA--Now More Than Ever!!

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IECA members and colleagues:  I write on the morning after the U. S. Presidential election.  The American voters have elected Donald Trump to the highest office in our country.  As we all think about the many ramifications of that electoral decision, I want to pose this proposition to you--

IECA is needed, now more than ever.

IECA is celebrating its fifth birthday in 2016.  We have accomplished much together, including the expansion of the journal ENVIRONMENTAL COMMUNICATION and an editor rotation--Alison Anderson from 2014-16, Matt Nisbet rotating in starting in January 2017--that has continued to build the quality and impact of that flagship publication in our field, as well as the successful hosting of COCE conferences in Sweden and Colorado.  We have broadened and deepened partnerships with scholars from around the world as well as with other research organizations and non-profit advocacy groups.  We have obtained status as an observer organization to the United Nations Framework on Climate Change (UNFCC), and, like last year in Paris, IECA members are once again attending the upcoming COP-22 meetings in Morocco on behalf of the organization.  I look forward to seeing blog posts over the next few weeks!

I will probably see some of you in Philadelphia this weekend for the National Communication Association convention.  NCA's Environmental Communication Division, like similar divisions within other large academic organizations (ICA, IAMCR, ECREA) is a wonderful niche and platform for sharing ideas and scholarship.  IECA is an organization unto itself, with a focused mission statement and an opportunity for our members to impact both research and practice on local and global scales.

No other professional association that you currently belong to has as much potential to impact the future of environmental communication education and practice as IECA.  IECA is building vital bridges between academia and external communities who are impacted every day by climate change and other adverse environmental conditions.

IECA depends on member support and participation.  NOW is the time to work on behalf of this organization--renew your own membership, vote in the IECA board member election that is underway (ballots can be cast through November 11), encourage your own students and other colleagues in communication and other fields to join and get involved.

So--it's time to vote, renew your membership, and get involved!  At the COCE 2013 conference in Sweden, I challenged the organization to grow to 1000 members by 2018.  Let's get moving in that direction!!

PS--All 53 of my Fall Semester Environmental Communication students joined IECA as student members.  Many are voting in the current IECA election.  All are benefiting from the content and connections that IECA uniquely provides.  This model of using IECA memberships in the classroom works.  I will be writing more about this in the weeks ahead.