Depoe's Environmental Communication Class: IECA Excursion Assignments Posted

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IECA colleagues and others who teach environmental communication:  I have now required students in my COMM/EVST 4067 (Environmental Communication) class at the University of Cincinnati to become members of IECA for a couple of semesters.  We leverage members-only content, including the membership list, the "EC list" newsletter, and the journal ENVIRONMENTAL COMMUNICATION, throughout the course.  This practice also teaches students what it means to join a professional association.  The students and I have gained significant value from this required class element at a very reasonable cost to students (currently $76 including journal subscription).

I have now posted 6 of my "IECA excursion" asssignments on the IECA web site at  I encourage you to use these and other creative assignments that get students to engage directly with the IECA and our members.

I will tell you that one of my Fall 2015 students (an Environmental Studies major) got a summer internship because of his IECA membership.  So--the value of IECA goes beyond the immediate classroom experience.  

Try this approach!  Your students will thank you!