Pre-Call for Interested Participants in New Book Project on Public Participation

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In 2004, SUNY Press published Communication and public participation in environmental decision making, a volume co-edited by myself, John Delicath, and Marie-France Elsenbeer.  This book contained chapters derived from the 2001 Conference on Communication and Environment (COCE) that had a public participation theme.  In my opinion, this volume has made a significant contribution to the field.

Research in this area has flourished since then, including the recent book Citizen voices:  Performing public participation in science and environment communication (Intellect, 2012), co-edited by our wonderful European colleagues Louise Phillips, Anabela Carvalho, and Julie Doyle and published as part of the European Communication Research and Education Association (ECREA) book series.  I highly recommend this volume.

After returning from this month's COCE conference in Boulder CO, at which I heard a number of insightful papers addressed current trends and practices, I decided to launch a new project--a new edited volume that features work exploring theoretical, applied, and critical dimensions of community engagement in environmental decision making at local, regional, national, and global levels.  I have asked Gregg Walker (Oregon State University) and Kathleen Hunt (Iowa State University) to co-edit this project with me (thanks Gregg and Katie!).

I am reaching out to the IECA community in this "pre-call" as a way of discerning interest in this project--who is working in this area, who would be interested in submitting an essay once a formal call comes out on September 1.  We are working from a proposed timetable that will include a proposal to publisher by December 31, submission deadline of January 31, a chapter selection decision by April 1, a contributing author's mini-conference and retreat in early Summer (with possible funding available), and manuscript delivery to publisher by August 31, 2016.  This is an aggressive but achievable schedule, subject to the many variances that accompany any collective scholarly effort.  

So--IECA colleagues and friends--if you are interested in possibly participating in this project via a submission, I am asking you to contact me by July 31.  Send a 250-word statement (could be an abstract, or description of current research program) to me at  We will be issuing a formal call for submissions that includes more specific parameters (thematic areas, word count, editorial style, etc.) by September 1.

We are excited about this project--we hope that another strong edited volume with further conversations and connections across conceptual approaches, disciplinary areas, and geographic boundaries.  Questions?  Contact me at or Katie Hunt at  Thanks!!


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