IECA supports the NSTA's position on "The Teaching of Climate Science"

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Greetings Folks,

A month or two back, long-time member, and former IECA chair and EC journal editor Steve Depoe, suggested we support the National Science Teachers Association's position statement on "The Teaching of Climate Science." The board wholeheartedly agreed and I drafted a letter for the board to review, edit and OK for release.

Finally, I've completed and mailed a letter to the NSTA in support of their position. Below is the letter.


Richard J. Doherty, Chair



1840 Wilson Blvd. 
Arlington VA 22201

Subject: IECA Board supports the NSTA’s "The Teaching of Climate Science."


Dear National Science Teachers Association,


In an effort to further the IECA’s mission, we, the board of directors, on behalf of the members of the International Environmental Communication Association, officially support the National Science Teachers Association Position Statement on “The Teaching of Climate Science.”


In part the statement reads, “The science of climate change is firmly rooted in decades of peer-reviewed scientific literature and is as sound and advanced as other established geosciences that have provided deep understandings in fields such as plate tectonics and planetary astronomy. As such, A Framework for K–12 Science Education(Framework) recommends that foundational climate change science concepts be included as part of a high-quality K–12 science education (NRC 2012). Given the solid scientific foundation on which climate change science rests, any controversies regarding climate change and human-caused contributions to climate change that are based on social, economic, or political arguments—rather than scientific arguments—should not be part of a science curriculum.”


We offer our support in response to recent efforts to water down or remove climate science topics from K-12 science education courses. Also, because the IECA’s mission is "to foster effective and inspiring communication that alleviates environmental issues and conflicts, and solves the problems that cause them, by bringing together and supporting practitioners, teachers, scholars, students, artists and organizations that share these goals."


This letter of support to NSTA hopes to strengthen ties among environmental communication and science educators across the education spectrum, and offer visibility in the larger conversation about science, environment, education, and communication.




Richard J. Doherty, Chair

Samantha Senda-Cook, Vice-chair

Barbara Willard, Treasurer

Clive Tesar, Secretary

Jennifer Good

Ruben Zondervan

Gabrielle Hadl

Geo Takach

Matthew C. Nisbet

Nancy Van Leuven

Hanna E. Morris


About the Author: 

Richard Doherty is the current Chair of the IECA until COCE 2019. He produces a weekly environmental radio show called Ecotones, on (90.9 FM) in Portland Maine, USA