New Issue of Environmental Communication Features Redesigned Cover and World-Class Roster of Contributors

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The first 2017 edition of Environmental Communication is now available, marking the inaugural issue of my term as Editor-in-Chief.

Featuring a new cover design and article layout, the issue is headlined by studies authored by Kathleen Hall Jamieson and collaborators at the Annenberg Public Policy Center; by Robert M. Perkowitz and colleagues at ecoAmerica; by James T. Spartz, Dominique Brossard and others at the University of Wisconsin-Madison; by Bruno Takahashi and colleagues at Michigan State University; and by Edna Einsiedel and collaborators at the University of Calgary. Go to the issue full line up of studies and articles. 

Over the past few months, we have added several top scholars and experts to our Associate Editor team including Shirley Ho (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore), Jonathon Schuldt (Cornell University), Declan Fahy (Dublin City University, Ireland), and Silje Kristiansen (University of Zurich / Northeastern University).

New members of the Editorial Board have also been added and are listed below:

Andrew Binder, North Carolina State University, USA
Michael Brüggemann , University of Hamburg, Germany
Lauren Feldman, Rutgers University, USA
Mike Goodman, University of Reading, UK
Sol Hart, University of Michigan, USA
Sei-Hill Kim, University of South Carolina, USA
Erik C Nisbet, The Ohio State University, USA
Ulrika Olausson, Jönköping University, Sweden
Saffron O’Neill, University of Exeter, UK
Chris Russill, Carlton University, Canada
Bruno Takahashi, Michigan State University, USA
Bruce Tranter, University of Tasmania, Australia
Hartmut Wessler, University of Mannheim, Germany
Sara K. Yeo, University of Utah, USA

Finally, at the journal website, please also see our revised Aims & Scope and author guidelines.


About the Author: 

Matthew Nisbet (@MCNisbet) is Associate Professor of Communication at Northeastern University, USA and Editor-in-Chief of the journal Environmental Communication. He is a co-author of the recent U.S. National Academies report on "Communicating Science Effectively: A Research Agenda."