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Greetings all -

On Monday, the final day of the International Communication Association’s annual conference, the IECA hosted a panel entitled "Engaging Diverse Voices in Environmental Communication Pedagogy." The panel was at 8:00am but we had a great turnout! There were five thought-provoking "quick talks" and an excellent conversation with the surprisingly awake and engaged early-rising attendees (see the attached photo).

Eli Typhina (North Carolina State University, USA) started us off by sharing her thoughts on "The Nuts & Bolts of Developing Cross-Disciplinary Pedagogy" via Skype. Eli was followed by Eric L. Morgan (New Mexico State University, USA) who talked about "Building Ecologies and Voices of Change Leadership: Reframing the Systems of Property, Capital, and Language in Business Education." Aaron T. Phillips (David Eccles School of Business, University of Utah, USA) then talked about "Crosscutting Intercultural Communication and the Co-Production of Environmental Knowledge." Franzisca Weder (University of Klagenfurt, AUSTRIA) shared her thoughts in a presentation entitled "Conditio Sine Qua Non: Framing Sustainability in EC Classes" and I concluded with "Five Reasons Spirituality Should be Part of Teaching Environmental Communication."

If you have any questions for any of us, do get in touch (we are all IECA members!). Also, as an organizational member of the ICA, we have a panel for each ICA conference: if you want to participate in the future, keep an eye on IECA communication.

Speaking of conferences, the location of the 2019 Conference on Communication and the Environment will be on the west coast of Canada. The exact location is about to be announced. Hope to see you there!

Jennifer Good

IECA Board Member/Founding Member

Associate Professor

Communication, Popular Culture and Film

Brock University


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Jennifer Good is an IECA Board Member and Founding Member. She is also an Associate Professor of Communication, Popular Culture and Film at Brock University in Canada.