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COP 22

[This post is part of a series offered by IECA members attending COP22 in Marrakech.]

In addition to what Giles wrote about yesterday´s side event, it is worth mentioning the complex bureaucracy that continues to grow after each COP. It is hard work to navigate in the mist of acronyms. Dr. Saleemul Huq called for a more empathetic and human forms of meetings -beyond the acronyms- which can strengthen cooperation and exchange of knowledge and ideas. This side event was a vibrant example of the latter. I hope the discussion will go on.

Another inspiring meeting was RINGO´s (another acronym) briefing to observers this morning.  In a collaborative and democratic way the content of a written statement was discussed and revised. I highly appreciated "critical thinking" which apparently is written for the first time in the kind of statements they do, and what they have done (irregularly) since the COP 2002. it also has a bearing on the discussion of the role of universities in capacity building activities that Giles brought up.


About the Author: 

Eva Åsén Ekstrand is a Senior Lecturer in Media and Communication Studies, University of Gävle, Sweden.  This is her first COP too!

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