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Friends: The last three years have been challenging for all of us professionally and personally. The global pandemic adversely affected the programming and financial health of IECA, as it did with many non-profit educational and professional organizations.

In the midst of these trying times, you have kept the faith, and so have we. Now, to paraphrase a well-worn saying, it's "in with the new" for IECA!!

2023 will be a great year for IECA and the EC field, thanks to your support. As of January 11, we have received 166 new or renewing memberships, with many more to come from our 375+ current members. A number of our founding members have rededicated their commitment to provide key support for the organization. We have also received some generous donations from a number of individuals and institutions. Thanks to all of you for making a positive difference!

Your memberships will allow us to achieve great things in the months ahead, including:

*migrating to a new web site with an updated member management system

*completing a search for a new editor of ENVIRONMENTAL COMMUNICATION

*partnering with James Madison University to host an outstanding COCE conference this June

*offering new, on-line, on-demand environmental communication courses for practitioners, activists, educators, and students

*completing a search for a new Executive Director for the organization

In all of these efforts, we welcome your ideas and suggestions. Stay tuned for opportunities to let us know where you would like IECA to make an impact in 2023 and beyond.

If you have not yet renewed yet for 2023, we encourage you to make that commitment this month. Go to and click on the "join" button. Help us fulfill our mission of promoting ethical environmental communication practices around the world!


About the Author: 

Steve Depoe is the Treasurer of IECA and was the first chair of the organization (2011-13). He is Professor Emeritus in the School of Communication, Film, and Media Studies at the University of Cincinnati.