Introducing the new IECA Task Force

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The IECA’s new Task Force met for the first time this week. This group will be working on two key tasks for the organisation: 1) to establish a new and updated website for the organisation, and 2) to seek a new, permanent Executive Director for the IECA. We have a tight timeframe for both tasks, with plenty of work to be done. We hope to be able reveal a new, beautiful and more contemporary website at COCE in June 2023. We’re likewise hoping to be able to introduce you to our new ED at COCE, or shortly after. In the meantime, we are grateful for the able staffing of our interim ED, Katie Hunt.

Both these tasks are fundamental to our wonderful organisation in a time of change and we are very grateful to IECA members and members of the board who have stepped up to lead these two projects. The Task Force is chaired by IECA Vice-Chair Gabi Mocatta and Task Force members are: Fran Weder, Steve Depoe, Etsuko Kinefuchi, Kundai Chirindo, Geo Takach, Tadesse Amera and Dara Wald, with Katie Hunt additionally attending meetings.

IECA members can also get involved in both these matters. If you have ideas about the current website, and what a new one should include, we would love to hear from you. Likewise, we will be putting out a call in coming months for applicants for the permanent ED position: we’d like to hear your thoughts if you know of any promising candidates. 

Please email us at with any feedback relevant to Task Force matters.


About the Author: 

Gabi Mocatta is the IECA Vice-Chair and Chair of the Task Force