Xmas - heading towards an exciting 2023!

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Dear all, 


As the IECA board, we want to express our gratitude to 

- first of all, Mark Meisner, who dedicated over a decade of his life to IECA. We deeply appreciate your work, enthusiasm and commitment!

- Secondly, I would like to thank Shirley Ho for her editorship of Environmental Communication; she will continue with her valuable work and great organization of a continuously thriving journal until the end of 2023. If you're interested in becoming the new editor, check this call: https://theieca.org/publications/blog-posts/stephen-depoe/2022/12/13/call-applications-editor-environmental

- Thirdly, thanks to Katie Hunt for transitioning into the interim Executive Director role! Again: a warm welcome!

- Fourthly, a massive thank you to all the colleagues on the IECA board and especially the committee chairs - it's been amazing to work with you, thanks for your tremendous engagement! 

Above all, a huge thank you everyone for being a member of IECA and your contributions! We are looking forward to an exciting 2023 and particularly a wonderful conference #COCE23 in Harrisonburg: https://theieca.org/conference/coce-2023-harrisonburg !

Have a peaceful time over Xmas and a wonderful start of a fulfilled 2023!








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IECA Board Chair