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IECA Board News

Dear IECA members – good news!

We are pleased to let you know that Katie Hunt will join IECA as new Interim ED, starting at Jan, 1st, 2023.

She will begin her transition in this position soon and wants to say “hello” to everyone with her words below. Katie is also happy to get in touch with you :-).

Also – today is the last day for your self-nomination; so if you also want to join IECA's board check our website and go to the election page; we are looking forward to working with you!!


And now over to you, Katie: 

Katie Hunt is dedicated environmental communication pracademic and founding member of the IECA. Her published research explores food system communication, public participation, and environmental justice. Katie earned her PhD in Communication from the University of Utah, and also holds certificates in university teaching and strategic planning. Currently, she is a Sustainability and Resiliency Consultant with Mecklenburg County government in North Carolina, implementing environmental policy and coordinating community engaged programs centered in equity. 

I look forward to working with you, and meeting you soon.

Take good care,







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