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Dear IECA members, 

I am writing to inform you that Mark Meisner's last day as Executive Director of IECA will be December 31, 2022.

We want to thank Mark for his 11 years of tireless service to the organization and his support for all the voluntary board members that are engaged with IECA in different ways and matters!

The IECA Board will decide soon how to handle his departure in terms of staffing the organization. We will let you know our plan as soon as it is finalized.

We also want to assure the membership that IECA functions will continue through the end of the year and beyond, including the exciting highlights which are 

- the Fall Board elections coming up in October and November (please consider a self-nomination :-)!)

- the membership renewal season starting November 1 (please renew your membership and spread the word - COCE is coming up next year - yay!)

- and COCE in June 2023. We are looking forward to seeing you there!

After being impacted by Covid-19 and related restrictions and limitations for academics and professionals across the globe, we feel that this moment offers IECA an opportunity to reset roles of staff members and volunteers who work to fulfill the mission of the organization--to promote ethical environmental communication through research, education and training, and community action.

Stay tuned for more news about this matter. If you want to talk to IECA's Executive, please use one of the following "office hours" next week:

1) 22.Sept. 2022 07:00 AM Brisbane (= 21.9., 23:00 h CET; 21.9., 5 pm New York/Central Eastern Time)


2) 22.Sept. 2022 08:30 PM Brisbane; (= 22.9., 12:30 h CET; 22.9., 6:30 am New New York/Central Eastern Time)


Or get in touch with me (

For now, thank you Mark!!

Franzisca (chair), Gabi (vice-chair), Steve (treasurer), Mira (secretary) 


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