Thanks to our supporters

We'd like to extend a heartfelt thank you to our various types of special supporters

These people and organizations have demonstrated their strong support for The IECA and our mission. Their contributions are helping us to cover the costs of memberships for students and for lower income country individuals, as well as helping us with our work in general.

Organizational members

Lifetime Members

These members have chosen the Stephen Depoe Lifetime Membership category, named in honor of The IECA's first Chair and the founding editor of our journal, Dr. Stephen Depoe. Thank you lifetime members!
  • Kevin DeLuca (United States)
  • Stephen Depoe (United States)
  • Richard Doherty (United States)
  • Julie Doyle (United Kingdom)
  • Mikkel Fugl Eskjaer (Denmark)
  • Brandon Hollingshead (United States)
  • Kathleen Hunt (United States)
  • Heather McGovern (United States)
  • Tema Milstein (Australia)
  • Matthew Nisbet (United States)
  • Nicholas Paliewicz (United States)
  • Phaedra C. Pezzullo (United States)
  • Emily Plec (United States)
  • Chara Ragland (United States)
  • James Schwoch (United States)
  • Stacey Sowards (United States)
  • Robert Thomas (United States)
  • Jessica Thompson (United States)

Supporting Members

These members have stepped up this year and paid a little extra in order to help us provide discounts to student and lower income country members. Thank you supporting members!
  • Richard Besel (United States)
  • Donal Carbaugh (United States)
  • Louise Comeau (Canada)
  • Tom Duncanson (United States)
  • Steven Esons (United States)
  • Jennifer Good (Canada)
  • Gabriele Hadl (Japan)
  • Lawrence Kirk (Australia)
  • Randall Lake (United States)
  • Xinghua Li (United States)
  • Yvonne Love (United States)
  • Eric Morgan (United States)
  • Julie Morley (United States)
  • Cecilia Mörner (Sweden)
  • David Murphy (Canada)
  • Naoyuki Ohara (Japan)
  • Elizabeth Roe (United States)
  • Bonnie Sadler Takach (Canada)
  • Rebecca Selvarajah-Hutchinson (Australia)
  • David Tschida (United States)
  • Nancy Van Leuven (United States)
  • Ruben Zondervan (Netherlands)

We would also like to acknowledge these organizations whose open source, free, or donated software helps us run The IECA.


Drupal - Our website runs on the open source Drupal platform.



CiviCRM - Our back end member management system runs on the open source CiviCRM platform.



Google - We run our mailing list on Google Groups and we use Google Apps for nonprofits for some of our  administrative and governance functions.



Moodle - Our courses run on the open source Moodle learning platform.