Privacy Policy

privacy_policy.gifThe International Environmental Communication Association (IECA) respects your privacy. Yes, we know, everyone says that, but a lot of privacy policies will put you to sleep before you can figure out what's really going on. Not this one. Furthermore, you'll see that we keep your information about as private as possible for a member organization.


First of all, in case you didn't know this already, like almost all web sites, we use cookies. These are used so that you can login and take advantage of the site's functionality, as well as to gather some anonymous information, but only about your use of our site. All of our cookies expire at the end of your browsing session. Furthermore, no third parties set cookies while you are on our site. We are also compliant with EU cookie notice requirements.


Also like other web sites, your I.P. address, web browser, general geographic location, etc. is recorded when you visit the site. But this information is not linked to you personally; it's anonymous. That's because we use Matomo (formerly Piwik) for web statistics. Matomo respects your privacy and only IECA staff get to see the data. Unlike most sites, we DON'T use Google's ubiquitous analytics. Furthermore, Matomo respects the do-not-track settings in web browsers. We also DON'T have any trackers installed on the site from social media sites such as Facebook. Our site has no Facebook Like buttons or anything similar. We only have links to share on Facebook, Twitter, etc. and those do not track you on our site. We DO NOT share any of this information with anyone.


Some of the emails we send from our member management system contain little images that tell us who has opened the email. In your mail client (e.g. Apple Mail, Outlook, etc.) settings you can turn off the automatic downloading of images embedded in email messages and this will prevent this kind of tracking. Also, the clickable links in some of our emails (such as the EC List links) allow us to see how many people are following each of the links. Both of these kinds of information are simply used by IECA staff to see what kind of interest there is in our mailings. We are not doing any kind of systematic analysis on the information, we are not using it in any way related to specific individuals, and we DO NOT share it with anyone.


The core site software logs visits to individual pages, errors, votes and other day-to-day activities. If you are logged-in, entries are linked to your account. If you are not logged-in, they are anonymous, except for your I.P. address. Only the IECA staff can see these logs and we don't use the information for anything other than troubleshooting user or site issues, which is rare. The logs are password protected and we DO NOT share them with anyone.


All of our online financial transactions are handled by either Stripe (credit cards) or PayPal. When you use your credit card or PayPal account to pay your membership dues to us, we never see (and therefore don't store) your credit card information. Obviously Stripe and PayPal do see that information because they need it to process your payments. You should probably go and read their privacy policies.


You have also probably figured out that there is some personal information you have provided to us. When you join, buy a job ad, register for an event (such as a course or conference), post some content, etc. you provide us with your name, address, email, and other information. This is all stored in our contact database. The database is password protected and only IECA staff can access it. However, some personal information gets shared under the circumstances noted below.


If you are a member of The IECA, then some of your personal information is shared with other members via the Member Directory. The Member Directory is NOT public; only logged-in members can see it. Furthermore, the Member Directory does NOT show your street address or your email address by default. If you put that information in another field, such as in your signature or biography, then it will be shared. That's your choice.

If you post public content on The IECA site (such as events, calls, etc.), your name and profile picture (if you have one) will be public on that post.

If you post to our Google group, TheIECA List, then your email address will be visible to everyone on that list. If you prefer to engage in a discussion that does not reveal your email address, then use the forums on the IECA site.

If you enroll in one of our courses or seminars, then some of your personal information may be shared with other participants through your course participant profile, your postings, etc. Though your name will always be shared with the other participants, it's up to you what else you choose to share.

If you contribute to one of our conferences, then your name, affiliation, and information about your contribution will be included in the program which will usually be public.

If you buy a print subscription to our journal, we have to provide the publisher, Taylor & Francis, with your name, address and email address so they can send you the journal.

As with other web sites, we might be required by the courts to cough up your personal information or our logs.


Other than what has already been mentioned, we promise not to rent, sell or share your information with anyone else.

Last updated September 14, 2018. Comments welcomed.