Miscellaneous Resources

Here are other resources (stored on the IECA web site) for environmental communication.

Tema Milstein's article on Environmental Communication Theories (PDF) from the Encyclopedia of Communication Theory. Citation: Milstein, T. (2009). Environmental communication theories. In S. Littlejohn & K. Foss (eds.). Encyclopedia of communication theory (pp. 344-349). Thousand Oaks: Sage.

Rabel Burdge's 1999 editorial (PDF) in the journal Society and Natural Resources, "We Have a Journal (Society & Natural Resources), We Have a Meeting (ISSRM), Why Not a Professional Society? The International Association for Society and Resource Management (IASRM)." This is posted on behalf of Steve Depoe in order to encourage discussion about forming an association for Environmental Communication.

WSCA Environmental Communication Interest Group
Details about the EC interest group within the Western States Communication Association.

Alaska Wilderness League Presentation
This presentation is a short version of the regular Alaska Wilderness League traveling slide-show and grassroots organizing presentation.