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The IECA's mission is to foster effective and inspiring communication that alleviates environmental issues and conflicts, and solves the problems that cause them. We do this by bringing together and supporting practitioners, teachers, scholars, students, artists and organizations that share these goals.

IECA Memberships for 2023

IECA Memberships are valid for the calendar year in which you join and expire December 31. However, if you join after November 1, your membership will be active through to the end of the following year. We do NOT take any new memberships in October.

Renewal season for existing members begins in November.

Membership dues are discounted for full-time students, people of modest means, and people living in low to upper middle income economies as classified by the World Bank.

Founding members who joined in 2011 helped us launch the organization. Thank you founding members! Founding members receive a 10% discount on their renewals for as long as they maintain continuous membership.

We expect all members to support our mission and code of ethics.

After reading this page, if you have specific questions about membership please use the contact form to get in touch.

Watering a gardenMember Benefits

All members of The IECA:

  • Become part of a global network of top researchers and practitioners at the forefront of the field.
  • Get The EC INDEX, a curated weekly digest of the latest news, research, projects, opinion, stories and other vital signs from the world of environmental communication.
  • Can present at the biennial Conference on Communication and Environment and receive a discount* on the conference fees.
  • Can subscribe to our journal, Environmental Communication at a discount. Includes online access to all back issues.
  • Get access to the Environmental Communication Master Bibliography which lists over 1500 books, articles and reports from the field.
  • Get access to the Database of Nature and Environmental Films with over 200 movies listed.
  • Can directly post jobs, events, calls, courses, programs, member news, links and other resources on the IECA web site.
  • Can network with other members through our forums and mailing list.
  • Get access to the Member Directory.
  • Can create a professional profile listing to share with other members.
  • Get the International Communication Association (ICA) annual conference discount for ICA members.**
  • Can run for the Board of Directors and serve on member committees.
  • Can create and join specific interest groups or caucuses.
  • Get one vote in elections, polls, etc.***
  • Get our gratitude for being part of The IECA. Supporting, organizational and lifetime members also get special recognition on the web site and extra gratitude!


* Conference discounts are cumulative; members who join for the first time for the year of the conference get at least a 10% discount while members who also belonged for the prior year get at least a 20% discount. If your membership is not current during the year of the conference, you get no discount even if you were a member the prior year. Conference presenters must be members.
** This means you can attend the ICA's annual conference and pay the ICA member rate without having to join ICA. This is because IECA is an organizational member of ICA. Contact us if you have questions about this.
*** See the bylaws for voting limitations for Organizational members.

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Membership Categories and Dues

Standard Rates for those living in higher income economies:

  • Lifetime: US$1,350
    • The Stephen Depoe Lifetime membership is for those who are in for the long haul, like Steve. This membership honors Steve's massive contributions to the field and The IECA. Includes an online journal subscription.
  • Supporting: US$175
    • For those who want to give a little extra to help support the discounts we provide to students and lower income country members.
  • Regular: US$115
    • Most members choose this category.
  • Modest Means: US$70
    • This is for lower income earners and starving artists, for example. Must have a net income of less than US$30,000.
  • Student: US$55
    • Full-time students at any level. If you join in this category, you must use your student email address and you may be asked to provide proof of full-time student status.
  • Organizational: US$400
    • For organizations with multiple individuals who need membership. These include academic departments, non-governmental organizations, or any other type of organization that supports our mission. All e-mail addresses connected to an organizational membership must be from the same domain. A basic Organizational membership is for up to six people. Additional members are $60 each. If you need memberships for more than 10 people, get in touch and we can work out a further discount.

Lower Income Country rate for those living in low to upper middle income economies:

  • Lower Income Country: US$15

Membership dues are NOT refundable.

Journal Subscriptions

Subscriptions to Environmental Communication are separate from membership fees. Online subscriptions include access to all back issues as well as eight new issues per year. Access is through The IECA web site. With an Online + Paper subscription, you will also get four printed double issues mailed to you.

  • Standard Online Journal: US$30
  • Standard Online + Paper Journal: US$45
  • Lower Income Country Online Journal: US$15
  • Lower Income Country Online + Paper Journal: US$30


Most members pay using a credit or debit card. Payments are processed by Stripe. It's simple, fast and secure, and we don't keep your card information. If your payment is successful, you will be emailed a receipt right away. If you don't get a receipt, it may mean the payment was not completed. If you run into an issue, your first stop should be the Help area.

If you require us to send a customized invoice prior to payment, there is a $25 fee and you will still need to login and pay online using a credit or debit card. Use the contact form to let us know what kind of membership and journal subscription you require and any other details you want on the invoice. Otherwise, for no charge, we can now generate a simple "invoice" after payment if you need that as well as the receipt.

You can also pay by wire transfer to our bank, but there is a $50 fee and we will invoice you. Use the contact form to let us know what kind of membership and journal subscription you require and any other details you want on the invoice. Why is this so much? We have to cover the costs of preparing the invoice and following up on the wire transfer, as well as the bank's lavish fees.


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