When I try to visit your website, it says my I.P. address is banned. Why? What can I do?

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Sorry about that and good for you for coming here from a different I.P. address.

First, an explanation... The IECA website regularly comes under "attack" by spammers and other trolls trying to break in and cause damage or steal data. This is true for many websites. In order to fight back, we have implemented some additional security measures. As a consequence, I.P. addresses get banned automatically for various kinds of suspicious behaviour or if they are known to be sources of spam, etc. Trying to login too many times without completing the math captcha, trying to access pages that you are not authorized to access too many times, and other things are examples of this and can get your I.P. address banned.

We won't necessarily know why your IP address was blocked, but it's easy to unblock. Just email us at admin at theieca dot org and be sure to let us know which I.P. address is blocked.