Can you share my update/notice/call/book/video/podcast, etc. with the members via the EC INDEX?

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If you are an IECA member, you can and should do this yourself. Please don't need to ask us to do it for you.

First, the IECA web site is set up so that members can directly post a variety of materials, including calls, jobs, events, member news, etc. Just have a look in the member area at the Post Content page. These kinds of postings generally get mailed out to all members and are available publicly on the front page of the site, so they get a wide distribution. They also usually get included in the EC INDEX.

Another way to share something with members (and others) is directly over email using The IECA Google Group which operates like a LISTSERV. Members should already be subscribed, so you can just send it to Anyone can join the group, so even non-members can share things there.

Alternatively, members can post  to The IECA General Discussion forum which is accessible after logging into the IECA web site and going to the member area. Items posted there get mailed out to the members who subscribe to that forum (almost all of them). But that is just for IECA members so it doesn't reach as many people as the other methods.