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Environmental Communication Resources

This area includes useful Environmental Communication-related resources. Many of these resources were originally developed for the Environmental Communication Network. They are now being continuously expanded by IECA staff and members.

Environmental Communication: What it is and Why it Matters
A brief introduction to the field of environmental communication by Mark Meisner.

TheIECA Google group and mailing list
An email discussion list for members of The IECA and friends. Anyone can join, but only IECA members can post.

A list of several bibliographies relating to environmental communication. Members can post publicly available bibliographies here.

Master Bibliography
The Environmental Communication Master Bibliography, a database that members can search, download from and contribute to.

A live database of Nature and Environmental Films that members can search, edit and contribute to.

Recent calls for papers, proposals, nominations, etc. from the world of environmental communication.

Upcoming events around the world of environmental communication.

Postings of new positions related to environmental communication.

Academic journals in the field of environmental communication.

Descriptions, syllabi, and web sites for courses in environmental communication.

Post-secondary programs in environmental communication.

Organizations, like IECA, that are working to improve environmental communication.

Member blogs
External blogs written or edited by IECA members.

Miscellaneous resources
Other resources (stored on the IECA web site) for environmental communication.

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