Contents of the 2009 Conference on Communication and Environment Proceedings

Cover of Tenth COCE Proceedings

Environmental Communication as a Nexus: Proceedings of the 10th Biennial Conference on Communication and the Environment

Eleanor Seitz, Travis Wagner, and Laura Lindenfeld, editors

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Table of Contents


Conference Program


News Media Coverage and Environmental Issues

Definition by Dichotomy: News Coverage of the World Summit on Sustainable Development
Cassie Smith, University of Colorado Boulder
The Roads Less Traveled: Looking for Certainty in the Colorado Roadless Rule and Media Coverage
Hollie Smith, Todd Norton, & Ritch Woffinden, Washington State University
Planning the Waterfront: An Examination of Diversity in Newspaper Content and Coverage
Lisa-Anne Botticella & Michal Bardecki, Ryerson University, Canada.
Contesting Property and Production: Dialectical Hegemony in the Case of The Earth Liberation Front
Ana Haase-Reed, Washington State University

Collaborations, Stakeholders, and Activism

Toward a More Complete Understanding of Sustainable Rural Community Development: Appreciating Systems and Interactional Theories
Jordan Smith, North Carolina State University
Collaboration Avoided: The Construction of an Oil Pipeline in Minnesota
Jessica A. Klassen, Texas A&M University
Pluralism, Collaborative Potential, and Regional Sediment Management: Assessing the Situation via Stakeholders' Views
Gregg B. Walker, Oregon State University
Role of Environmental Communication in Shaping Remedy at America's Largest Superfund Site
Pat Munday, University of Montana, Butte

Environmental Communication in Action: A Look at Theory-Practice Nexus

Communication Consulting for a Sustainable Agriculture Initiative
Joshua J. Frye, State University of New York at Oneonta

Alienating People from Place by Divorcing Production from Consumption

Animal, Vegetable or Mineral: Viewing Food Production through a TV Screen
Jean P. Retzinger, University of California, Berkeley
Linking Production and Consumption with Deontologically Driven Symbolic Acts of Conservation and Humanitarianism
Rachel Shellabarger, Nils Peterson, Erin Sills, & Sarah Warren, North Carolina State University

Human Nature Interactions

A Theory of Naturalization: The Alchemist's Cookbook for Transforming the "Social" into the "Natural" -- and Back Again
Christopher Gamble, University of Washington
The Rhetoric of <Military Readiness>: Public Discourse, Whales and Navy Sonar
Terence Check, St. John's University

Risk Communication

Seeking and Processing Information about Wildlife Disease Risk: A Proposed Model and Its Implications for Disease Management and Risk Communication
Chris Clarke, Cornell University
Application of Integrative Crisis and Emergency Risk Communication Model
Ann Jabro, Robert Morris University
Uncertainty Reduction and Media Complimentarity in Environmental Communication During Wildfire Emergencies
Emily Hobbs, Michael Salvador, Matt Carroll, & Doug Hindman, Washington State University

Climate Change

Organizational Resilience in the Face of Climate Change
Jessica Thompson & Sarah Schweizer, Colorado State University
A Comparative Rhetorical Analysis of US and UK Newspaper Coverage of the Correlation Between Livestock Production and Climate Change
Laura Kiesel, University of Vermont
NIMBY, Inverted Quarantine, and GHOST: A Comparative Look at Constructions of Environmental Risk and Their Implications for Environmental Action
Judith Hendry, University of New Mexico

Strategies for Communicating Environmental Issues

A Sublime Junkyard?! Placing the Sublime in Contemporary Environmentalism
Lisa Slawter Volkening, University of Georgia
Virtually Natural: Environmental Education in Second Life
Joseph S. Clark, University of Florida
(Re)Framing News as a Strategic Role for Environmental Communication: A Case Study of the Gas-Drilling Controversy in the Catskills
Diane Hope, Rochester Institute of Technology
Influencing Decision Makers: Applying Psychology and Communication Research for Upstream Environmental Behavior Change
Bruno Takahashi, SUNY Syracuse

Understanding Different Communities

Vegan Soul Food: African-American Vegetarianism in Media
Garrett Broad, University of Southern California

Communication as a Tool for Development of Competence within Natural Resource Management

Communicative Skills Development of Administrators - A Necessary Step for Implementing Participatory Policies in Natural Resource Management
Lotten Westberg, Lars Hallgren, & Agneta Setterwall, Swedish University of Agriculture
Landscape and Place Concepts Meeting through Encounters between Birdwatchers and Farmers
Elvira Caselunghe, Helena Nordström Källström, & Johan Ahnström, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Natural Resources Management Approaches in Ethiopia in Retrospect
Atakilte Beyene, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Excavating Public Participation: Critical Perspectives on Social-Political Dimensions

Colonizing participation: Land Use Management and Lifeworlds - Two Cases of Natural Resource Management in Sweden
Per Haglind & Elin Ångman, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
'The Void of Illegitimacy': Grounding the Methodology of Dialogical Boundary Critique for the Facilitation of Stakeholder Planning in Philippines Integrated Coastal Management Policy
Rasmus Klocker Larsen, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Eco-cultural Manifestations and Reverberations: Discursively Negotiating the Human- Environment Nexus

The Tao of Food Activism: Using Institutions to Fight Institutions
Maura Troester Nunez, University of Colorado-Boulder

Media Persuasion

The Biosphere Metamorphosed as 'Buyosphere': The Human Footprint, Commercial Television, and Consumerism
Matthew Killmeier, University of Southern Maine
Struggling for Ideological Integrity in the Framing Process of U.S. Animal Rights Organization Food Campaigns
Carrie Packwood Freeman, Georgia State University

Visualizing the Environment

A Scenic Landscape or Devastating Catastrophe: Risk Communication through the Eyes of Photography
Erin Dalton, Clemson University
Participant Visual Ethnography: The Experience of Environmental Art
Dylan P. Wolfe & David R. Novak, Clemson University
Powering Our Energy: Conceptions of Energy in Contemporary Oil Company Advertising
Brian Cozen, University of Washington

Physical Spaces

Communication, Conflict and Science in Natural Resource Collaboration: A Case Study of an Inactive Collaborative Group
Aleta Rudeen, Colorado State University
Politics on the Trail: A Rhetorical Critique of Hidden Canyon Trail in Zion National Park
Samantha Senda-Cook, University of Utah
What We Talk about When We Talk about Recreation Outdoor Experience, Access to the Coast, and Relationship with Nature
Catherine Schmitt, University of Maine

Citizenship/Public Participation

Taking Public Out of Participation: How Rhetorical Conventions of Environmental Impact Statements Discourage Citizen Action
Laura Vernon, Utah State University
Public Participation in Energy Policy: A Case Study of the San Juan Citizens Alliance
Andrea Marie Feldpausch, Texas A&M University