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Communication at the Intersection of Nature and Culture: Proceedings of the Ninth Biennial Conference on Communication and the Environment

Barb Willard and Chris Green, editors

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Table of Contents


Conference Program


Preface and Acknowledgements


Twenty-Five Years After the Die is Cast: Mediating the Locus of the Irreparable

From Awareness to Action: The Rhetorical Limits of Visualizing the Irreparable Nature of Global Climate Change
Richard D. Besel, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Love, Guilt and Reparation: Rethinking the Affective Dimensions of the Locus of the Irreparable
Renee Lertzman, Cardiff University, UK

Producing, Marketing, Consuming & Becoming Meat: Discourse of the Meat at the Intersections of Nature and Culture

Burgers, Breasts, and Hummers: Meat and Masculinity in Contemporary Television Advertisements
Richard A. Rogers, Northern Arizona University

The Trinity of Voice: Environmental Melodrama and Environmental Conflict

Public Participation in Environmental Planning and Decision Making by Trial Governments: A Case Study of the Citizen Potawatomi Nation
Paige Schmidt, Texas A&M University
Piping Plover and People in One Place: A Case Study Evaluation Public Involvement at Cape Hatteras National Seashore
Lavell Merritt, Texas A&M University
International Conservation Organizations vs. Indigenous & Traditional People: Conflict in Including Indigenous & Traditional Peoples in Conservation
Laura Weber, Texas A&M University

Media Framing of Environmental Issues: Hurricanes, Ecoterrorism and Woody Harrelson

Sound Bytes and Celebrity Expertise in Contemporary Environmental Activism
Dylan Wolfe, Clemson University
Win, Lose or Draw: Media Framing of Conservation Easements
Jody M. Minion, Texas A&M University
The Whirling Media Coverage of Seasonal Hurricane Forecasts: A Closer Look at Media Framing of Scientific Uncertainty and Preparedness
Gina Eosco, Cornell University
The Impact of Religion, Media and Science on the Preparation of Environmental Issues in the U.S.
Ellen Moore, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign

Communication the Environmental Crisis of Nature and Culture

Crisis Redux: September 11 and the Asbestos Hazard
Steve Schwarze, University of Montana

Strategies for Constructing the Environment through Public Participation

Opening and Shutting the Door: Technology Amplifies the Public's Voice Surrounding a Superfund Site's Final Days of Production
Ann D. Jabro, Robert Morris University
Carrying Forward the Voice of the Public: The CDC's Public Involvement Effort on Community Control Measure for Pandemic Influenza
Caitlin Wills-Toker, Gainesville College and Jennifer Duffield-Hamilton, Center for Health and Environmental Studies

The "Composters" Performance

     Alison Aurelia Fisher & Janet Donoghue, Southern Illinois University

Rural Life Between Nature and Culture

A Sociable Movement: Nature and Culture, City and Country, Producers and Consumers Together at Farmers' Markets
Jean P. Retzinger, University of California, Berkeley

The Nature/Culture Dualism: Communication Strategies at the Intersections of Nature and Culture

Putting the Human Animal at Ease with Itself: Deconstructing the False Human/Animal Dichotomy
Carrie Packwood Freeman, University of Oregon
Natural Manipulation: Orogenesis and Erosion in Digital Landscape and 'Redemption of Physical Reality'
Leigh A. Bernacci, University of Utah

Spoiled and Spoiling Spaces: Communicative Strategies in Response to Perceived Real Environmental Crisis

Signs, Symbols and Communication: Reaching Mutuality at a Chemical Manufacturing Site
Ann D. Jabro, Robert Morris University
Victims 'In' and Protectors 'of' Appalachia: A Frame Analysis of Mixing Mountains: 'We Went to the Mountaintop, but it Wasn't There'
Joshua Ewalt and James Cantrill, Northern Michigan University
Establishing Dialogic Spaces Between Local and Scientific Knowledge: Evaluating Metal Contamination in the Sao Francisco River, Brazil
Erida Ferreira, Araujo Silva, Antonio Aparecido Mozeto, Universidade Federal de Sao Carlos, Sao Paulo-Brazil & Joachim Carolsfeld, World Fisheries Trust

Ways of Living, Ways of Speaking: International Case Studies in Environmental Communication

From Pointing and Naming to Speaking for Whales: A Study of Communicative Acts as They Inform Human-Nature Relations
Tema Oliveira Milstein, University of Washington
The Other Power: Ecotourism Discourse and its Ability to Shape the Western Image
Kerry Grimm, Oregon State University

Communicating About Climate Change: Risk, Conflict and Perception

Perceptions of Climate Change Risks and Migration Behaviors: Understanding Inconsistencies Between Representations and Action
Alexandra Lazaro, Rosa Cabecinhas & Anabela Carvalho, Instituto de Ciencias Sociais, Universidade do Minho
The Global Climate Change Issue: An Issue of Legitimacy in the Media
Andrea Feldpausch, Texas A&M

The Embodiment of Risk: Case Studies in Environmental Communication & Material Rhetoric

Constructing the Innocent Body: An Analysis of Appeals in the Body Burden in Newborns Report
Maggie VanNorman, University of Minnesota
Vulnerable Bodies, Burdens of Proof: The Anti-Nuclear Activism of Mothers for Peace
Marilyn Bordwell DeLaure, University of San Francisco

Environmental Politics & Policy: Entering the Fray

The Green Party in Presidential Election 2008: A Preliminary Case Study of Rhetorical Situation at the Start of a Campaign Season
David Tschida, St. Cloud State University
Public Participation Through Public Science: Scientific Argument in the Yucca Mountain Controversy
Danielle Endres, University of Utah

Public Participation and Decision Making: Rituals, Conflict and Interpretations of Environmental Issues

Stakeholder Dynamics at the Intersection of Property and Fire: Conflict, Cohesion and Communicative Practices
Travis Paveglio, Todd Norton, Washington State University
An Interpretive Analysis of Core Values of Agriculturalists of the Yellowstone River
Christi Choat Horton, Damon Hall, Texas A&M University; Susan Gilbertz, Montana State University - Billings
Communicating Biodiversity in Swedish Park Management Organizations
Petra Bengtsson, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Green Commerce: Negotiating Capitalism and Environmentalism in the U.S.

Advertising in Time Magazine During Oil Price Spikes: An Analysis of Print Ads in 1979-1980 and 2004-2005
Rich Grogan, Michigan State University
Ambivalent Naturism: Prejudice and the Treatment of Nature Inside and Outside the Mall
Christopher N. Gamble, The Pennsylvania State University
Bridging Ecocentrism and Anthropocentrism Discursively and Materially: Ecopreneurship as (Gendered) Sustainable Development
Rebecca Gill, University of Utah