Contents of the 2005 Conference on Communication and Environment Proceedings

Cover of Eighth COCE Proceedings

Wilderness, Advocacy, and the Media: Proceedings of the Eighth Biennial Conference on Communication and Environment

Lisa Slawter Volkening, Dylan Wolfe, Emily Plec, William Griswold, Kevin Deluca, editors



"A Wilderness Misunderstood": Janisse Ray's Southern Vision of Wilderness Advocacy

Janisse Ray's Ecology of a Cracker Childhood, Edward O. Wilson, and How to Read Between the Lines
Nancy Levine, University of North Florida
Beyond Grief and Rage: Reinhabitory Discourse, Domesticity, and Wild[er]ness in the Work of Janisse Ray
Bart H. Welling, University of North Florida

Keynote Address

Nature's 'Crisis Disciplines': Does Environmental Communication Have an Ethical Duty?
J. Robert Cox, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Places and Other Wildernesses

A Deleuzian Environmentalism?: Exploring the Possibilities of a Deleuzian Political Resistance
Lisa Slawter Volkening, University of Georgia
Becoming Hanford Downwinders: Producing Community and Challenging Discursive Containment
Jay Mullen, Southern Oregon University
William J. Kinsella, North Carolina State University
A Passion for Place: Marjory Stoneman Douglas and the Florida Everglades
Diane S. Hope, William A. Kern Professor in Communications, Rochester Institute of Technology

Mediated Nature

The Frame Game: Exploring Hegemony in Newspaper Framing of Climate Change
Jennifer Good, Brock University
Flash Activism: New Media and Environmental Rhetoric
Dylan Wolfe, University of Georgia

Keynote Address

On the Bosom of This Grave and Wasted Land I Will Lay My Head
Janisse Ray

The Material Rhetoric of Environmental Communication: Contesting Spaces of Protest, Play, Immigration, Labor, and Sustenance

Poisoning a People, Poisoning a Planet: Farmworkers, Environmental Justice, and the Material Rhetoric of Pesticides
Emily Plec, Western Oregon University
The Biography of Landscape: Reading Chicago's Jackson Park
Barb Willard, DePaul University
Moving Toward Sustainability through Environmental Justice
Markus Nils Peterson
Markus John Peterson
Tarla Rai Peterson
The Embodied Rhetoric of 'Health' from Farm Fields to Salad Bowls
Jean P. Retzinger, University of California-Berkeley

Rethinking Human-Nature Relations

Environment/Human Dialogics: Toward A Queering of Nature
Julie Kalil Schutten, University of Utah
Liberty and Justice for All: Why Promoting a Biocentric Ethic is the Best Philosophical Approach to Ensuring Wilderness Preservation
Carrie Packwood Freeman, University of Oregon
Mapping the Ideology of the Domination of Nature from Wilderness to Ecosystem, or, Defending Wilderness by Taking Rhetoric, Science, and Ideology Seriously
Pete Bsumek, James Madison University

Public Participation

Reconceptualizing Dialogue in Environmental Public Participation
Jennifer Duffield Hamilton, University of Cincinnati
Caitlin Wills-Toker, Gainesville College
Using Comparative Risk Surveys in Environmental Communication Pedagogy
Travis Wagner, University of Southern Maine
Remediation Techniques, EPA Public Meetings, and Democracy: Lessons from the Frontline
Ann D. Jabro, Robert Morris University
Jay D. Jabro, Northern Plains Agricultural Research Lab, ARS-USDA
Rainer Domalski, Manager, Remediation Projects, ROC

Political Strategies and Environmental Activism

Myth as Political Rhetoric: A Look at the Discourse of Stewardship in the Healthy Forest Initiative
Judith Hendry, University of New Mexico
Economics, Environmental Advocacy, and Image Events
Michael S. Bruner, Humboldt State University
A Wilderness Fetish?: Performing Nature and Identity in Poland
Tracie Wilson, Indiana University

Environmental Collaboration/Mediation: The State of the Art

Reflections from the Road: New and Improved Concepts, Tools, and Lessons for Community-based Collaboration
Gregg B. Walker, Oregon State University
Susan A. Senecah, State University of New York, Syracuse
Steven E. Daniels, Utah State University
Stakeholder Politics and Conflict at the Confluence of Organizational and Environmental Literatures
Todd Norton, University of Utah

Media Constructions of Environmental Issues

Wilderness in the American Imaginary: Media Constructions of Scientific and Political Knowledge
Catherine Collins, Willamette University and Susan Kephart, Willamette University
Visual Enthymemes of Alaskan Wilderness: Television News Coverage of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
Terence Check, St. John's University

Wilderness as Standing Reserve: Representations, Reductions, and Relationships

Heidegger, Standing Reserve, and Being at the Hanford Reservation
William J. Kinsella, North Carolina State University
The Hunt of Pan: Representations of Science and the Use of Wilderness
Jason Ingram, North Carolina State University

Environmental Performance

Trail Mix: A Sojourn on the Muddy Divide Between Nature and Culture
Jonathan Gray, Southern Illinois University Carbondale

Villains, Heroes, and Victims: Media Personae and the Environment

Breathing an Airshed: The Intersection Between Pollution and Human Health in the Salt Lake Valley
Deborah C. Callister, University of Utah
Tourism, Local Economy, and Ecosystem: The Contribution of the Press to Conflicts
Xinkai Huang, University of Utah
The Controversy Over the Legacy Highway in Utah: An Opportunity For Invitational Rhetoric
Carlo A. Pedrioli, University of Utah
Disclosure Under the Bush Administration: Environmental Whistleblowing and the Reporter's Privilege
Cara Wieser, University of Utah

Environmental Advocacy and Domestic, International, and Global Public Participation Forums

The International Chamber of Commerce and Public Participation in Environmental Decision-Making
Leah Jaramillo, University of Utah

"Cast out of the Garden:" The Role of Religion in the Great Wilderness Debate

From Spaces of Sacred Solace to Dwellings of the Devil: Wilderness and Religion, a Tenuous Relationship
Samuel Snyder, University of Florida
Reevaluating Lynn White: Celtic Christianity and the Cause of Wilderness
Joseph Witt, University of Florida
Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument and 'A Peculiar People'
Gayle Spiers Lasater, University of Florida
Invoking the Wild: Radical Environmentalism's Use of Animal Totems in Wilderness Protection
Gavin Van Horn, University of Florida
Whose Security?: The Abuse of National Security Rhetoric in Resource Management
Lucas F. Johnston, University of Florida

The Ice Cream Game: A Systems Thinking Approach to Environmental Conflict Resolution

The Ice Cream Game: A Systems Thinking Approach to Environmental Conflict Resolution
Jessica L. Durfee, University of Utah