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Conference Papers

Toxic Tours: Communicating the 'Presence' of Chemical Contamination

Phaedra C. Pezzullo

Environmental Information, Decision-Making and Communicating

Gabrielle Kuiper and Robyn Penman

Advocating Smart Growth to Urban Sprawlers: The Sense of Self in Places Run Amok

Jessica Durfee and James Cantrill

The Roadless Areas Initiative as National Policy: Is Public Participation an Oxymoron?

Gregg B. Walker

Competing and Converging Values of Public Participation: A Case Study of Participant Views in DOE Nuclear Weapons Cleanup

Jennifer Duffield Hamilton

Contextual Information and the Political Economy of Environmental Risk Communication

Lawrence Lhulier and DeMond S. Miller

Setting the Agenda-and Setting the Table-for Genetically Modified Foods in the Press

Jean P. Retzinger

Climate Change in the Press 1999-2001: From Scientific to Narrative Ambiguity

Mark Meisner

Labor, Community and University Partnerships for Environmental Communication: Lessons for Building Trust

LaVerne Mayfield

Public Participation in the Land of Oz

Marti Sinclair

Local Environmental Activists Roundtable: Environmental Communications and Decision Making

Marilyn Wall

Risk Communication and the Dynamics of Environmental Risk Knowledge

Sally M. Macgill and Yim Ling Siu

Public Opinion as a Means of Rationalization of Biotechnology and Genetically Modified Foods in the US

Eunjung Lee

Framing the Monarchs: A Study of the Monarch Butterfly Controversy and its Role in the U.S. Debate on Genetically Engineered Crops

Susan Sattell

Public Expertise: A Foundation for Citizen Participation in Energy and Environmental Decisions

William J. Kinsella

Decide, Announce, Defend: Turning the NEPA Process into an Advocacy Tool Rather than a Decision Making Tool

Judith Hendry

Stakeholder Involvement & Public Participation at the U.S. EPA Lessons Learned, Barriers, & Innovative Approaches

Eric Marsh

Global Governance and Social Capital: Mapping NGO Capacities in Different Institutional Contexts

Amos Tevelow

'Free Trade' and the Eclipse of Civil Society: Barriers to Transparency and Public Participation in NAFTA and the Free Trade Area of the Americas

J. Robert Cox

Section 4(f): A Role for Citizens in the Protection of Significant Public Recreation Areas

Gordon Sreinhoff

Public Participation and (Failed) Legitimation: The Case of Forest Service Rhetorics in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area

Steve Schwarze

Discourses of Sustainability and Biodiversity: Scientific or Social Norms?

Scott Denton

Rhetoric of Sustainability: Senate Testimony on Behalf of the National Pork Producers Council

Richard McGrath

Examining the Role of Scientists in Strategies for Local Sustainable Development: Views and Understandings from the Scientific Community Some Preliminary Results of a Case Study in São Carlos, SP, Brazil

Chloë Furnival and Newton Pereira

Questioning Idealism and Raising Practical Concerns: Wilderness Advocacy and Local Participation in Decision-Making

Pete K. Bsumek and Dave J. Pacheco

Theory in the Crosshairs of Public Participation

Linda Andrews

Moving Toward a Theory of Evaluating Public Participation in Environmental Decision-Making

Thomas Webler, Elizabeth Malone, Kristi Branch, and Judith Bradbury

Intersecting Parallels: Integrating the Bodies of Literature in Public Participation and Public Relations

Leah Simone and Katherine A. McComas

Sustainably Harvested Fish Products? A Critical Analysis of the Marine Stewardship Council's Ecolabelling Initiative for the Fisheries Sector

Christine LeBlanc

Multiple Stakeholder Model of the Corporation in Society: As Assessment of Two Chemical Manufacturing Companies' Community Advisory Councils' Reaction to Participation

Ann D. Jabro

Communication Practice in Environmental Decision Making: An Application of Niklas Luhmann's Social Theory to Garrett Hardin's Tragedy of the Commons

Markus J. Peterson and Tarla Rai Peterson

From Narrative to Mytheme: The Role of Narrative in Environmental Public Policy Testimony

Helen Correll

The Literature of Environmental Communication

Andrew Pleasant, James Shanahan, Brad Cohen, and Jennifer Good

Landscape as Text, Text as Landscape: Experiences of Nature and Text in Congressional Testimony

Alan Razee

Priestly and Bardic Voices in the Prairie Wind

Mark Meister and Ben Larson

Argument Schemes and Corporate Apologia: Public Hearings on the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill

Terence Check

Citizen Opposition to the Croton Water Treatment Plant

Mirele Goldsmith

Making Waves About New York's Waters

Fay Muir

Biodiversity and the Public: Analyzing Eight Swedish Projects Communicating About Biodiversity

Magnus Ljung and Helena Nordström

Learning from 'The Rule of Thumb': A Proposed Methodology for Developing an Operational Theory of Communicative Action for Citizen Participation in Catchment Management

Clayton White

Powerful Voices: Learning to Speak out for the Environment

James Whelan

Regaining Public Trust

Tony Faast and Viviane Simon-Brown

Evaluation of Stakeholder Involvement in Project XL

Michael Elliott and Eric Marsh

Environmental Justice and Public Participation Through Electronic Access

John Rosenthall, Melina Dowing, Beverly Hill, and Michelle Hudson

More Than Words Alone: Traditional Communication Practices of the Anishinaabe Ogitchidua

M. Rene Johnson

Application of Psychological Theory in Communication Efforts for Local Land Conservation

Jill Robbins

Using Diffusion of Innovations Theory to Explore Internet Use by Forest Landowners in Indiana

Amy L. Sheaffer

Environmental Rhetoric, Theory, and Values: Implications for Organizational Research

Alex Heintzman