Contents of the 1999 Conference on Communication and Environment Proceedings

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Keynote Address

Ethical Writing and the Truth in Environmental Journalism
Rocky Barker

A. Attitudes and Public Policy

Climate and Catharsis: A Burkeian Analysis of Senate Resolution 98 on Global Warming
Terence Check
Listening for Voices: The Role of Attitude and Belief in Environmental Communication
Nancy W. Coppola
Reclaiming the 'Indecorous' Voice: Public Participation by Low-Income Communities in Environmental Decision-Making
J. Robert Cox
Re-lnvigorating the Public Sphere, Reviving the Democratic Praxis: Environmental Justice and the Demand for Public Participation
John W. Delicath
Negotiating Messages and Building on Experience: Wildland Fire in Florida's Interface
Martha C. Monroe and Susan K. Jacobson
Using an Ecological Index to Explain Environmental Attitudes About Idaho's Department of Energy Site
Donny Roush and Joanna Burger

B. Conflict and Collaboration

The Farmers' Dialogue: Developing Guidelines for a Sustainable Agriculture
Magnus Ljung
Incorporating Technology into the Creation of a Regional Land Ethic: The Possibilities of Group Decision Support Systems (GDSS)
Mark Meister
Analysis of Marine Resource Conflicts in Two North Central Chilean Fishing Villages
Susan E. Qashu
Working Through Environmental Conflicts: Citizens' Views of Collaboration
Gregg B. Walker

C. Constructing Environmental Meaning

Ethos and Effective Environmental Advocacy: Oprah Winfrey to Edward Wilson
Michael S. Bruner
The Role of the Activist Scholar: At Work in the Field(s) of Environmental Communication
John W. Delicath
Are There 'Wild' Spaces and Places Within Cultural Studies? Exploring the Limits of David Chaney's The Cultural Turn From An Ecofeminist Perspective
Lincoln J. Houde
Developing Public Environmental Consciousness: A Preliminary Survey of the Problematic Variety of Environmental News Categories
Dennis Jaehne
Ecofeminism: Creating Meaning Through Discussion On A Listserv
Tina Kiewit

D. Mediated Environmental Messages

Levels of Influence on Environmental Reporting in India: Hegemony and Constraints on the Press
Elizabeth Burch
German Media Coverage of Environmental Issues: A Comparative Analysis
Michael E. Nitz
Selling Hybrid Corn, Transforming American Agriculture
Jean P. Retzinger
Constructing A Rainforest/Creating A CD-ROM: Pedagogical Design Issues
David W. Shapiro
Visual Design and Environmental Claims: A Visual Framing Analysis of the Greening Earth Society Web Site
Jean Trumbo

E. Studies of Communication About Nuclear Power Issues

The Mystification of Radiation: The Rhetorical Construction of Radioactive Waste
Judith Hendry
What's Rhetoric Got to Do With It?: Public Deliberation and the AEC Construction Licensing Hearings in Midland, Michigan 1970- 1971
M. Rene Johnson
Theorizing Nuclear Communication: Mystery, Potency, and Secrecy
William J. Kinsella
Environmental Communication and Nuclear Communication Studies: The Case of Rocky Flats
Bryan C. Taylor and Shannon Davis

F. Visions of Place

Memories of Fernald: Defining A 'Sense of Place' Through Personal Narrative
Rhonda Barnes-Kloth, Stephen P. Depoe, Jennifer Dufield Hamilton, and Amy Lombardo
A Space for Government in a Hinterland Place: The Environmental Self at the End of the Road
James G. Cantrill
Beyond the Human/Nature Dualism: Nez Perce Environmental Discourse
Tracylee Clarke and Michael Salvador
Yosemite's Transition From Space to Place: Press Construction of Yosemite Prior to the Yosemite Act of 1864 and the Creation of Yosemite National Park in 1890
Nickieann Fleener and Edward J. Ruddell
Talking Water: A Cultural Analysis of Talk About Water in the Mill River Watershed
Eric Morgan

G. Wilderness and Its Image

Mountain Bicycling and Wilderness: Navigating Unknown and Dangerous Rhetorical Terrain
Jim Hasenauer
An Early Aesthetic for Seeing the Grand Canyon: The Diaries of Jack Hillers on the Powell Expeditions, 1871-72
Dennis Jaehne
Appreciating the Wilderness: Aesthetics and Wilderness Preservation in the Forest Service/ Park Service Controversy of the 1920s
Steve Schwarze
Arguing A New Ecology: Marjory Stoneman Douglas, The Voice of The River of Grass
Bruce J. Weaver

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