Contents of the 1997 Conference on Communication and Environment Proceedings

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Conference Program

Greeting to Open the Council Fire
Henry Lickers - Mohawk Council of the Akwesasne
Rhetoric, Environment, and the Incorporation of Meaning
John Opie and Norbert Elliot
Using Narratives to Think About Environmental Attitude and Behavior
James Shanahan, Lisa Pelstring, and Katherine McComas
Nature Imagery in Indigenous Documentary
Steven Leuthold
Cultural and Critical Grammars of the Apocalypse: Strategies for a New Millennium
Star A. Muir
Define and Conquer: Technical Definitions and the Rhetoric of Risk Communication
J. Harrison Carpenter
Fusion Discourse: A Possibility For Public-Expert Communication Through Identification Of A Third Perspective
Caitlin M. Young
Reasons Why: Describing Polarized Orientations Toward Perception of Environmental Risk
Craig W. Trumbo
The Discourse of Pollution Prevention: A Rhetorical Analysis and Case Study
Nancy Walters Coppola
Viewers Work: Framing Environmentalists
James P. LaLumia
Computerized Content Analysis: Identifying Themes and Frames in Text on Pesticides, Wetlands, and Forest Salvage
Bonnie Parnell Riechert and M. Mark Miller
Packaging Nature from Farm Fields to Supermarket Shelves
Jean P. Retzinger
Recovering Environmental Discourse: A Historical-Rhetorical Analysis of Frederick Law Olmsted's Report, 'The Yosemite Valley and The Mariposa Big Trees'
Daniel O. Buchler
Association and Dissociation in an Ecological Controversy: The Great Whale Case
Francois Cooren and James R. Taylor
Condemning A Corporation: Exxon As Scapegoat
Terence Check
What's the Problem?: The Rhetorical Definition of Environmental Issues
Richard Jones
Magazines as a Medium for Environmental Communications
Donny Roush
Telling Stories about Global Climate Change: Measuring the Impact of - Narratives on Issue Cycles
Katherine McComas and James Shanahan
Escalation of Media Discourse About Nature: Deforestation of The Amazon '
Allen W. Palmer
Media Coverage of Sustainability: The Agenda, Frame And Sources
JoAnn M. Valenti, Lillian Billing, and Alisa P. Brousseau
Relationships between Individual and Community-Oriented Motivations: A Three-part study of Message Factors for Promoting Conservation of Communal Resources
C. B. Tyson
Redefining the Wilderness Experience: The Grand Canyon, Canyon Forest Village, and Controlled Tourism -
Dayle C. Hardy-Short and C. Brant Short
A Social Communication Analysis of Public Participation: The Case of the Cispus Adaptive Management Area
Amanda C. Graham
Public Involvement, Civic Discovery, and the Formation of Environmental Policy: A Comparative Analysis of the Fernald Citizens Task Force and the Fernald Health Effects Subcommittee
Stephen P. Depoe
Variability of Stakeholder Expectations about Citizen Participation in the Fernald Radium Debate
Jennifer Duffield Hamilton
Lessons from a Successful Grassroots Environmental Campaign: The Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance
David W. Shapiro
Collaborative Public Participation in Environmental Conflict Management: An Introduction to Five Approaches
Gregg B. Walker and Steven E. Daniels
Dumping in the Desert of the US/Mexico Border: Issues for the Environmental Justice Movement
John P. Linney
Pitching The Beast: Representations of Non-human Animals in Contemporary Print Advertising
Mark Meisner
Ecological Feminism and the Critique of Masculine 'Regulation' Based Discourse in Environmental Decision Making '
Frank P. Irizarry
An Empirical Exploration Of Ecofeminist Issues: Gender Differences And The Feminization Of Nature
Connie Bullis, Carrie Gartner, & JoAnne Gribble
Ecology According to Silent Spring's Vision of Progress
Tarla Rai Peterson and Markus J. Peterson
Strategic Rhetoric and the Control of Place from Wilderness to Ecosystem: An Exploration of the Legacy of Yellowstone National Park
Peter K. Bsumek
Chemical Manufacturers in Transition: Progressing from Closed to Open Systems
Ann D. Jabro
The New Casuistry: An Ethical Tool for Conflict Resolution in Environmental Decision Making
A. Chiaviello
Environmental Communication Survey
Lea J. Parker
Second Nature: Exploring Ecofeminism Through Creativity
Janine DeBaise, Patrick Lawler, and Kendall Watkins