Contents of the 1995 Conference on Communication and Our Environment Proceedings

Cover of Third COCE Proceedings



Historical Roots of Environmental Discourse

An Inventional Archeology of Rachel Carson's 'A Fable for Tomorrow'
Christine Oravec
Cultivating the Agrarian Myth in Hollywood Films
Jean Retzinger

Public Land, Public Discourse

The Creation of a National Monument: An Analysis of the Rhetorical Communication Leading to the Establishment of Walnut Canyon National Monument, 1915
Bruce J. Weaver
The Prestige Press and Environmental Communication: The New York Times' Coverage of the National Wetlands During the Bush Administration
Diane Nicodemus

Cases in Question

Environmental Perception and the Beartooth Alliance: Socioeconornic Struggles at the Grassroots
James G. Cantrill and Michelle D. Masluk
The National Park Concessionaire as Environmental Educator: A Case Study of Yosemite Park and Curry Company
Nickieann Fleener and Edward J. Ruddell
Raising Awareness and Stimulating Local-Level Groundwater Protection: The Groundwater Education in Michigan (GEM) Program
Ruth Kline-Robach
Recasting the News Net: A Case Study of Environmental and Technical News Reporting at Four Alabama Newspapers
Janice T. Pope

Environmental Literature and Rhetoric

Be Blown on by All the Winds: Henry David Thoreau and the Concept of Health
Michael P. Branch
Cold War, Silent Spring: The Trope of War in Modern Environmentalism
Cheryll Glotfelty
Rhetoric of Disengagement: Interpretive Talks in the National Parks
Zita Ingham

Communicating Risks to the Public

Superficial and Systematic Uses of Information about Environmental Risks
Robert J. Griffin and Sharon Dunwoody
Reporting Hantavirus: A Study of Intercultural Environmental Journalism
JoAnn M. Valenti
Improving Communication in a Climate of Uncertainty
Heather Tosteson

Communication and Social Conflict

Environmentalism's 'Evil Twin': The Ideological Challenge of the Wise Use Movement
Harold P. Schlechtweg
A Closer Look at Wise Use: Cognitive Dissonance, Logical Contradictions and Ideological Inconsistency
Kent Goshorn
Environmental Justice for All: The Persuasive Campaign of Benjamin Chavis
Stephen P. Depoe

Communication, Awareness, and Education

The Status of Natural Resource Management Related Environmental Education and Communication in Africa
Ben Tyson, Irma Allen, Ted Fields, Richard Grieser, and Martha Monroe
Talking Trash: Using Applied Social Research to Inform a Communications Program for Maximum Recycling in Rhode Island
Christina Zarcadoolas, Lori M. Hunter, and Erica Guttman
From Government-as-Solution to Sounding the Alarm: Rising Consciousness in China's Environmental Press
Jian Wang and Judy Polumbaum
Increasing Environmental Literacy by Design
Carolyn C. Harper and Nancy Haynie-Mooney
Effective Communication to Facilitate Stakeholder Participation in Ecologically Sustainable Development Decision Making
N. J. Smith-Sebasto and Will Focht

Changing Attitudes and Behavior

Atomized Environmentalism: The Influence of Individualism on the American Environmental Movement
Susan Weber Seybolt
Puffery in 'Green' Advertising Claims: Its Effect on Consumer Behavior in a Focus Group Setting
Tommy V. Smith and Patricia Mark
Making Less Garbage at the Supermarket: The Role of Attitudes, Values, and Persuasive Brochures
Anita M. Kugler

Public Interactions and Interchanges

Accounting For Your Actions: How Stakeholders Respond to the Strategic Communication of Environmental Activist Organizations
James Patrerson and Myria Watkins Allen
Facilitating Identification Across Divergent Perspectives Through Environmental Ethics Education
Tarla Rai Peterson, Susan J. Gilbert, and Gary E. Varner

Media Coverage of Environmental Issues

Environmental Concern and Media Coverage: 1988-1994
James Shanahan and Katherine McComas
Television News Coverage of the Environment: Polluted or Purified?
Michael Nitz and Sharon Jarvis
Mass Media and Global Warming: A Public Arenas Model of the Greenhouse Effect's Scientific Roots
Mark Neuzil
The Right to Remain Indian: A Content Analysis of Newspaper Coverage of the Isleta Pueblo Water Standards Case
Patricia A Curtin

Ecological Communication: Theory and Criticism

Ecological Communications: Committed Business Goes Beyond Green Marketing
Janet Dooley
The Full Ecology of Communication
Stephen Duplantier
Creating an Environmental Conscience: Form as a Rhetorical Strategy in Rachel Carson's Silent Spring
Perthenia Eilers
Resourcist Language: The Symbolic Enslavement of Nature
Mark S. Meisner

Issues and Research in Public Communication

The Great Lakes: Public Knowledge and Perceptions of Environmental Issues
Elaine Falk Katz
A Phantom Audience for Environmental Journalism?
Len Ackland