Contents of the 1993 Conference on Communication and Our Environment Proceedings

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Reviewers for the Conference


Session 1: A Thematic Showcase

The Mass Media and Environmental Risk Communication: Then and Now
David B. Sachsman
To Stand Outside of Oneself: The Discourse of the Sublime in the Natural Landscape
Christine Oravec
The Significance of Rhetoric in the Turner Thesis
John Opie & Norbert Elliot
Environmental Rhetoric in the Age of Hegemonic Politics: Earth First! vs The Nature Conservancy
Marilyn M. Cooper
The Unifying Bases of a Thematic Showcase: A Response
James G. Cantrill (Respondent)

Session 2a: The News

Environmentalists Image Packages Created by Network News
James P. LaLumia Thomas Baglan
Success or Sell-Out: The Media Diffusion of the Environmental Movement
Elizabeth A. Manning
Media, Opinion, and Global Warming: An Agenda-Setting Study of an Environmental Issue 1988-1992
Craig Trumbo
In Nature's Image: Historical and Aesthetic Influences on Mediated Portrayals of the Natural Environment
Derek Bousé

Session 2b: Animal Talk

Threatened Whales, Polluted Beaches and Yellowstone on Fire: Network TV Images of the Environment in 1988
Conrad Smith
The Wolf at Yellowstone's Door: Cultural Rationality and Risk Communication in an Endangered Species Controversy
Patricia Paystrup
From Prohibition to Regulation: A Positive Campaign to Help the Survival of Rhinoceros
Ding-Ren Tsao and Yi Kung Ma

Session 3a: Discourse and Values

Why 'CIeaning Up The Environment' Is A Bad Idea
Mark S. Meisner
News about nature: John Dewey and the environmental crisis in the public mind
Allen W. Palmer
Fire, Death, and Rebirth: A Metaphoric Analysis of the 1988 Yellowstone Fire Debate
Dayle C. Hardy-Short & C. Brant Short
Environment, Development and the Rhetoric of International Consensus
Paul B. Thompson

Session 3b: Enviro-Political Communication

Ecology: Scientific, Deep, and Feminist
Markus J. Peterson & Tarla Rai Peterson
Steps to a Communication of Ecology: The Interrelationships of Systems in the Global Environmental Crisis
Peter A. Andersen
Radicalism and Its Effects on the Environmental Movement
Scott M. Elliott

Session 4: Policy and Public Planning Discourse

Barton Springs Ethnography: A Search for Discourse in the Depths of an Old Swimming Hole
Marshall Frech
Public Rhetoric and Environmental Policy: The IJC's Hearings on Great Lakes Water Quality
Craig Waddell
An Organizational Strategy for Realizing Sustainable Development in the Keweenaw
Jeffrey R. Liimatta
The Discourse of Policy and Public Planning: Commentary on Three Papers
James A. Throgmorton (Respondent)

Saturday Evening Special Session

Environmental Rhetoric and Landscape Photography: Modem to Postmodern
James Frost

Session 5a: Visions of the Environment

Phenomenological Optics and Air Pollution Standards: The Eye as Scientific Instrument
Kirk Junker
Environmental Constructs Revealed Through the Voices of the 'Other': Discourse Practices in Alvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca's 1542 La Relacion
Ramon Sanchez
Constitutive Rhetoric in Edward Abbey's Desert Solitaire
Michael A. Netzley
'Airborne Toxic Events' and the Explosion of Meaning
Beth Fiori

Session 5b: The Ecofeminist Challenge

Ecofeminism: Perspectives On A Social Movement
Kay Lynn Mickelsen
Ecofeminism As Transformative Discourse
Denice Yanni
Modem Social Texts: An Ecofeminist Analysis and Critique of Western Discourse
Diana M. Stroyls & Connie Bullis
The Discourse of Environmentalist Hysteria
M Jimmie Killingsworth & Jacqueiine S. Palmer

Session 6: Public Education

The Saguaro And The City: Developing A Model For The Production Of Interactive Multimedia Projects For Environmental Education
Peter Treistman
Gauging the Green Agenda
Mike Maher
Environmental Communication: A Process For Environmental Literacy
JoAnn Myer Valenti
Environmental Education As A Discourse Of Right Relation
Dennis Jaehne (Respondent)