Contents of the 1991 Conference on the Discourse of Environmental Advocacy Proceedings

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Preface and Acknowledgements

Conference Program

List of Participants




Environmental Management and the Public's Expectation for Fact: Reflections on the Rhetoric of Environmental Advocacy

Bruce Piasecki


Articulation, Progress, and the Environment

Kevin DeLuca

How to Save the Earth: The Greening of Instrumental Discourse

M. Jimmie Killingsworth and Jacqueline Palmer

Plastics as 'Natural Resource': Recycling Reality Through Perspective by Incongruity

Patricia Paystrup

The Most Dangerous Game: A Critique of 'Total Valuation' Models for Wildlife

Tarla Rai Peterson and Markus Peterson

(Almost) Thirteen Ways of Looking at a (1903) Land/scape (With Apologies to Wallace Stevens)

Jean Retzinger

Response to the panel 'Thematic Showcase'

Christine Oravec


Freedom of Speech and Nuclear Dimensions: A Reconsideration of the Progressive Decision

Jon Bouknight

Environmental Semiotics: The Evolution of Ecoliteracy

Lea Hall

Flooding the Media to Dam a River: The Rhetoric of Nebraska's Tri-County Project, 1925 1937

Jean Retzinger

Planning As Persuasive And Constitutive Discourse: Exploring Electric Power Alternatives In Chicago, 1985-1990

James Throgmorton

The Creation of a National Park: An Analysis of the Communication Campaign Leading to the Creation of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Bruce Weaver

Issues in the Intersection of Environmental Discourse and Policy Discourse: A Critical Response

Dennis Jaehne


The Rhetoric of Eco-tage: A Counter-rationale to Burke's 'Technologism'

Elise Bedsworth Scott

From the Frontlines to the Headlines: A Case Study Of The First Greenpeace Campaign

Sean Cassidy

Case Study in American Conflict: 'Old Growth' and the Spotted Owl

Jonathan Lange

Russell Means' Allopathic Cure for Environmental Degradation: Leave Europe's Gaining and Return to the Natural Order's Being

Patricia Paystrup


'Support [YOUR ISSUE HERE] Because It Will Help to Clean-Up the Environment': Advocacy Advertising and the Environment

W. Timothy Coombs

Shaping Patterns of Environmental Interaction: Mystification and Commodification in the Greening of America

Star Muir

Marketing 'Green' Claims: Environmental Salvation and Mortification

Patricia Paystrup

Framing EARTH FIRST!: The MacNeil-Lehrer Newshour and Redwood Summer

Harold Schlechtweg


Nature and Language: A Burkean Analysis of the Role of Symbol Systems in the Environmental Movement

Carol Corbin

Environmental Advocacy and Speaking with Trees

Lyall Crawford

Exploring Connections: General Semantics and Deep Ecology

Brian McGee and Patrick Hebert

Seeing the Signs: A Semiotic Examination of Solid and Hazardous Wastes

Robbin Zeff

'Nature' as Text: Response to 'Language and Discourse'

David Williams


Cultures in Conflict: Oil Development in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge; A Rhetorical Vision Analysis of Opposing Ways of Life

Elise Bedsworth Scott

Retalking Environmental Discourses From Feminist Perspectives: The Radical Potential of Ecofeminism

Connie Bullis

'The mountain' and 'the project': Dueling Depictions of a Natural Environment

Donal Carbaugh

Environmental Advocacy, 'Usable Traditions,' and the Burden of Genesis 1:28

J. Robert Cox

The Creation of Life Consciousness: Mediated Discourse and the Globalization of the Environment

L. Ripley Smith

Rhetoric, Poetic, and the Problems of Environmental Advocacy: Response to the Panel on Cultural Discourse and the Environment

James Jasinski