Waterlines: Confluence and Hope through Environmental Communication. The 15th biennial Conference on Communication and Environment (COCE). June 17-21, 2019, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada

Water, Mutants, and Ecology: Waterworld as a Guide to Rising Seas

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Mattson, Laura
Gordon, Jeremy G.
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Scholarly papers

Taking an eco-critical communication approach, we reimagine being and becoming at the waterlines of climate change. Exploring emergent re-orderings of nature and the body, ecocritical concepts like transcorporeality and queer ecology present an alternative guide for adapting to shifting tidal zones. Taking cinematic mutants seriously as sites of knowledge provides a model of resilience in an era of climate catastrophe and unsettled ground. Recognizing the 1995 film Waterworld as a popular myth of queer post-human survival reveals the power of illegible bodies and fluid boundaries, between the elements and ourselves. As waters rise, we must submerge ourselves in strange currents, and drift in the swirling vortices of possibility.