Waterlines: Confluence and Hope through Environmental Communication. The 15th biennial Conference on Communication and Environment (COCE). June 17-21, 2019, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada

The Effects of Different Product Types in Sustainable PSAs

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Jamar, Patrick
Copple, Jacob
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Scholarly papers

This study investigates how automobile tire and aluminum can product types in recycling and upcycling public service announcements (PSAs) influence an individual’s engagement intentions, attitudes towards PSA types, and attitudes towards sustainable behaviors. This is executed within this study by building on the theory of congruence to mediate the relationship between product type and PSA Type. The results suggest that students’ (Millennials’ and Generation Zs’) PSA attitudes and behavioral engagement intentions are not influenced by any level of congruence between product types and recycling / upcycling PSA types. Furthermore, the results indicate that, when executing recycling / upcycling PSAs, organizations should use appropriate products within their PSAs but should not rely solely on correct product type within the PSA to sway consumers’ attitudes and engagement intentions. Future research should examine other product type / PSA type congruent pairings as well as different populations to see if any influential attitudes and sustainable behavioral intentions occur.