Presenter Instructions

This page contains instructions for oral and poster presentations, as well as for preparing files for upload to the conference web site.

A Note About Full Paper Submissions

In the call for papers, we said that full papers for scholarly submissions would be required by June 1, 2017. We have decided to make submission of full papers optional. However, authors should submit full papers (both scholarly papers and practice reflections) if:

  • They wish to be considered for the best overall paper and the best student paper awards.
  • They wish to share their papers with other conference delegates.
  • Optionally, they wish to also publish their papers to the public on the IECA web site.
Due to the size of the conference, we will not be publishing proceedings.


A Note About Recordings

All presenters are reminded that their presentations will be recorded. This is so that the virtual participants can see the presentations and in-person participants can see any parallel sessions they missed. Normally, these recordings will only be available to conference delegates who log in to the IECA web site. It is possible that some session recordings may be made publicly available through IECA's YouTube channel, in which case we will alert the relevant presenters.



Presentation Equipment

There are a large number of rooms in use during the conference for sessions. The facilities for presenters in each is broadly similar but there will be some differences. If you have very specific requirements you wish to discuss please get in touch: .

Conference support staff will be able to provide on the ground help if you have problems getting any of the equipment working.

Bringing Your Own Device

We recommend that you bring your own device for presenting as you can then be sure that your presentation will work. All rooms in use will have a connection available for the data projector which is installed in the room. Please be aware that in the majority of rooms this is VGA, some have '15 pin D-sub'. If your device does not have a VGA port and requires an adaptor please make sure you bring that with you. This is especially important for those using Mac laptops.

We also recommend that you bring your presentation on a USB stick in case you have problems with your device.

Using Computers Provided

If you are unable to use your own device to present there are Windows 7 PCs connected to the data projector in all rooms. These have Office 2013 installed. Before you arrive it would be best to ensure that your presentation does not use features introduced in Office 2016 and can be opened in Office 2013. All PCs have Internet Explorer v11 installed.

All computers have an available USB port so we recommend you bring your presentation on a USB stick.

Additional Room Facilities

Additional facilities are available in many rooms. Please get in touch ( if you have a specific requirement.

  • The larger lecture theatres have lectern microphones on a 'gooseneck', and wired tie-clip microphones. It may be possible to book a wireless tie-clip or hand held mic(s).
  • Multi-region DVD players are available in some rooms. University PCs will play region 2/region-free DVDs only.
  • A hard of hearing loop is installed in some of the larger lecture theatres and there are a small number of portable hearing loops that can be booked.
  • A writing surface, such as a white board, is available in most rooms but pens are not provided as standard.

Please be aware that a few rooms may not have mobile signal.

Test Room

A room will be available during the conference with a standard PC if you wish to try running your presentation prior to your session. This will be in Bennett LG5.


Presentation Guidelines

Presenters at COCE 2013Oral presentations should typically be no more than 15 minutes when there are 4 presenters in a session. If there are 3 presenters, then 20 minutes each. If there are 5 presenters, then 12 minutes each. This will leave roughly 30 minutes for questions at the end.

There will be computers, projectors and speakers in all of the conference rooms, but you may also connect your own laptop. Mac users will need to bring their own VGA adapters.

Chairs and presenters are asked to be in the room 10 minutes before the scheduled start time so they can get organized with presentation files, laptop hookups, etc.



Poster Preparation Guidelines

Posters should be 36 inches WIDE by 48 inches tall (91 by 122 cm). Please note that we are NOT printing your posters; you must bring a full-size poster to the conference. If you are not attending in person and don't have someone to take the poster for you, please contact us to arrange for shipment of your poster to Leicester.

Poster uploads to the IECA site are required by June 1, 2017 so that Virtual Conference participants will be able to see them. Please provide a full resolution PDF of the poster. You can upload your posters from the Papers & Posters page.



Paper Preparation Guidelines

The submission of full scholarly papers and practice reflections is optional. Reasons for submitting these are listed above. If you are submitting one of these, please follow these guidelines:

  • Suggested maximum length of 7500 words, including reference list.
  • Use the APA Style for formatting in-text citations and reference list.
  • Use the COCE 2017 Template for Microsoft Word in order to format fonts, headings, spacing, etc. in a consistent manner
  • When copying text into the Template, please MAKE SURE TO USE THE STYLES IN THE TEMPLATE, not the ones from your original document.
  • Do not add extra lines between paragraphs; the template accommodates for this by leaving space after each paragraph.
  • The body text of the final document should be single-spaced Arial 11pt Regular.
  • Upload as a PDF file.

Submissions should be made by June 1, 2017 in order to be considered for an award. You can upload your papers from the Papers & Posters page. You can also upload your presentation slides if you like.



Virtual Conference Option

For presenters who can't make it to Leicester or who prefer not to fly, we have a virtual conference option. These presentations will be made using Skype, live at the established time of the session (check your time zones). All registrants, including in-person and virtual delegates, will be able to view all session recordings as they become available. We will make every effort to upload them as quickly as we can. Delegates will need to be logged in to the IECA site to view the recordings.

We urge all virtual presenters to familiarize themselves with how to give a presentation over Skype, to have a high bandwidth Internet connection at the time of the presentation, and to give their presentation while appropriately situated in a quiet, well-lit room. Please don't try to present from a public space.

In each session that has a virtual presentation, there will be someone who will set up the Skype connection with the remote presenter and see that they are projected onto the screen. Please be ready 10 minutes before the session starts. We will do our best to make sure it works. However, IECA and the conference organizers cannot be held responsible if something goes wrong with the Skype presentation. Virtual presentations are made at the presenter's risk.