Conference Program

Programme Overview

Detailed Programme

In keeping with IECA's conference greening guidelines, we will NOT be providing printed programmes at the conference. We encourage everyone to help us use less paper by using one or more of the three online versions available.

1. Programme Book in PDF format

This Programme Book in PDF format can be read on a computer or tablet and even printed (gasp!) if you must. We encourage everyone to have a look at the Programme Book because it contains maps, WiFi instructions and other useful information.

2. Full Online Programme

The Full Online Programme is great for computers and mobile devices and gives you easy access to paper abstracts, panel descriptions, etc. The Full Online Programme also allows you to create a custom schedule of the sessions you want to attend and even download that in ICS format to your calendar program.

3. Mobile Online Programme

The Mobile Online Programme (NOW CLOSED) is ideal for smartphone users who need a compact view of the conference. It also includes much of the information found in the Programme Book, as well as abstracts, panel descriptions, etc. It might not work well on a computer.

We hope you enjoy the conference. See you in Leicester!