Presenter Instructions

Due to the size of the conference, we will not be publishing proceedings. Instead, presenters will upload their papers to the IECA site so that they are available to COCE 2015 registrants (before the conference) and, if they choose, the public (after the conference).

Expectations of Presenters

Oral presentations should typically be 12-15 minutes when there are 5 presenters on a panel. When there are more or fewer presenters, adjust your time accordingly. There will be projectors and speakers in all of the conference rooms, but you will need to bring your own laptop or share with another presenter.

Please note the following expectations of presenters in the different submission categories:

Scholarly Paper submissions: upload your full scholarly paper by May 15, 2015

Panel submissions (scholarly papers): all panel presenters should upload your full scholarly paper by May 15, 2015

Panel submissions (discussions): all panel presenters should individually upload a detailed summary of your presentation by June 1, 2015

Practice Reflection submissions: upload your full practice reflection OR a detailed summary of your practice reflection by June 1, 2015

Works of Art submissions: upload a description of the work of art, including pictures if appropriate by June 1, 2015

Poster submissions: upload the poster by June 1, 2015 Please note, final posters should be 36 inches WIDE by 48 inches tall (91 by 122 cm) - please note that we are NOT printing your posters; you must bring a full-size poster to the conference

Scholarly Papers should be uploaded by May 15, 2015.

All others should be uploaded by June 1, 2015.

Guidelines for COCE 2015 Uploads

  • Maximum 7500 words, including reference list
  • Use the APA Style for formatting in-text citations and reference list
  • Use the COCE 2015 Template for Microsoft Word in order to format fonts, headings, spacing, etc. in a consistent manner (does not apply to Posters) 
  • When copying text into the Template, please MAKE SURE TO USE THE STYLES IN THE TEMPLATE, not the ones from your original document.
  • Do not add extra lines between paragraphs; the template accommodates for this by leaving space after each paragraph
  • The body text of the final document should be single-spaced Arial 11pt Regular.
  • Upload as a PDF file.

Use the link below to upload your file. Please note that you will need to provide an abstract. You will also need to know which Session and which Panel your presentation is scheduled for. Please consult the most recent version of the Program.

Upload your file for COCE 2015 (you must be logged in)


Need to make a change to your abstract or paper? Go to its page and click on the edit tab (you must be logged in).

Please send any questions to Mark Meisner: mark at theieca dot org