Conference Venue

The conference will take place at Undervisningshuset at SLU Ultuna Campus, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, 6 km south of central Uppsala city.

Address: Almas allé 10, 750 07 Uppsala

Local buses run frequently from Uppsala city to Ultuna campus. Bus tickets are purchased on the bus by credit card. Cash is not accepted on the bus. You can also buy tickets from vending machines at the bus stop in Uppsala City . Bus stop closest to the conference venue is called "Centrala Ultuna".

Ultuna Campus is under re-construction. Please find updated travel information and a map of campus on

Tourist information in Uppsala

Address: Kungsgatan 59, Uppsala

Local bus between the City centre and the Venue

Bus no 20 from “Centralstation” to “Centrala Ultuna”.
Ticket options:
1) Single tickets can be bought from a machine at “Centralstation”, SEK 25/ticket.
2) A single ticket can also be purchased from the bus driver (credit card only), SEK 30/ticket.
3) A bus card can be bought at ”Centralstation” or ”Pressbyrån” at a deposit of SEK 75. The card has to be filled up with a minimum of SEK 100, and each bus trip is then charged with SEK 19.


Please use the following two maps to orient yourself to the conferences spaces and places. Click the images to get PDFs.