Call for Papers for the 2009 Conference on Communication and Environment

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June 27 - June 30, 2009


Portland, Maine. University of Southern Maine, Department of Environmental Science


Deadline for receipt of submissions is March 1, 2009.


The central theme for the 10th Biennial Conference on Communication and Environment will be "Environmental Communication as a Nexus." As concern over the environment has risen on the international, national, and local agendas, as a discipline, what role has or should Environmental Communication played? How should other disciplines view and use Environmental Communication to advance environmental protection and promote sustainability? How should Environmental Communication play a role in the way we comprehend the relationship between how we live and the limits of the natural world? As the impacts of globalization and a world view of environmental problems become clearer, we see that our material practices have an impact on not only nearby places but also faraway places, both natural and cultural. Is and has this been communicated successfully?

This conference will explore the role of Environmental Communication in defining, understanding, and solving local, regional, national, and global environmental problems.

We invite submissions that explore the conference theme from a broad range of scholarly approaches to environmental communication and its relationship to other disciplines involved in environmental protection and sustainability. Given our current political context facing a global energy and climate crisis, this conference welcomes papers with an applied policy context. Potential paper topics might include - but are definitely not limited to - analysis of and arguments about:

  • Cultural reactions, perceptions, and constructions of environmental problems
  • Social and political impacts of a worldwide pursuit of the "American dream"
  • Mediated representations in popular culture, art, music, and/or the public sphere connecting individual and collective actions and impacts
  • Influence of decentralized mass media on accurate communication of environmental problems and solutions
  • Emergence of global environmentalism and the role of communication

In this conference, we hope to foster a lively and substantive discourse over the environment, society, media, and sustainability. In keeping with the tradition of the previous nine Conferences on Communication and the Environment, papers and panel proposals that are not related specifically to the 2009 Conference theme are welcome. We particularly encourage international and graduate student participants.


The 2009 Conference on Communication and the Environment will release the Conference proceedings as an electronic document. The document will be available as a pdf on the Environmental Communication Network website.


1. We will judge completed papers on the Conference theme, panel proposals on the Conference theme, completed papers not on the Conference theme, and thematic panel proposals on a non-Conference theme. Abstracts will NOT be considered for inclusion in the Conference.

2. Papers should be submitted with a cover page that includes the title of the manuscript, the author's name and affiliation, and contact information. A second separate page should include the title and a one paragraph abstract of a maximum of 200 words. Manuscripts should be typed and double-spaced with end notes, references, tables, and figures on separate sheets immediately following the text. Manuscripts should be no longer than 7,500 words (including text and references in APA format). If accepted, you will be requested to submit a final version in pdf by June 15. Formatting instructions will be provided for in the proceedings.

3. All panel proposals must include: a rationale for the panel and a one-page abstract of each paper, along with a commitment of each participant to attend the conference if the panel is accepted. Any panel that involves a respondent must include a rationale for including a respondent.

4. Four copies of papers or panel proposals, as well as any questions, should be mailed (via regular mail or 1 copy via e-mail) to the following address for review in a competitive selection process:

Travis Wagner
Department of Environmental Science

106 Bailey Hall

University of Southern Maine

Gorham, ME 04038

Direct questions to Travis Wagner via e-mail or phone 207.228.8450


In an attempt to put into practice the concept of environmental protection and sustainability, I will be "greening" the 2009 COCE. Your suggestions, ideas, and support will be greatly appreciated.