Call for Papers for the 2005 Conference on Communication and Environment

8th Biennial Conference on Communication and the Environment / Discourse of Environmental Advocacy


Kevin DeLuca, University of Georgia
William Griswold, University of Georgia


June 24-27, 2005


Jekyll Island, GA. Jekyll Island is part of the beautiful barrier islands that stretch the length of the Georgia coast. Going with the theme of the conference, folks can be as wild or cultured as they desire. Cowboys can wrestle alligators. French waffles can go wind-surfing. The rest of us can lounge on the beach and watch sea turtle eggs hatch.


Wilderness, Advocacy, and the Media


COCE 2005 will feature paper presentations, panel and roundtable discussions, and plenary sessions on issues of environmental communication.


The deadline for receipt of Conference submissions is March 17, 2005.


Noted historian William Cronon advocates a “humanist environmentalism.” In response, this conference explores a “wilderness environmentalism,” so that wilderness is not merely an important value and a crucial measure of our success but the ground that makes possible our existence. This conference considers the possibilities of wilderness advocacy in a postmodern, mass-mediated public sphere. That is, the consideration of wilderness takes place with the understanding that the very idea of wilderness is mediated through various technologies (photograph, television, film, computers) and that environmental activism is a media practice. Consequently, this conference will explore questions around the relation of environmental activism to the media and how human-nature relations are formed and transformed through media. Given our current historical and political context, this conference welcomes pointedly political inquiries. Political questions may include: What are the social and political benefits and costs of continuing to deploy wilderness as raison d’etre and/or political trope? Can wilderness environmentalism help forge political alliances among disparate groups that share a common critique of global corporate industrial capitalism? We hope to foster a substantive debate over wilderness, media, and environmental politics.

In keeping with the tradition of the previous seven Conferences on Communication and the Environment, papers and panel proposals that are not related to the 2005 Conference theme are also welcome.


The 2005 Conference on Communication and the Environment will produce two publications. We are seeking a publisher for a book that will include the top 12-16 essays that address the Conference theme. We will also publish a set of Conference proceedings. We intend to pursue an on-line publication of the Conference proceedings as well as publishing a hard-copy version.


1. We will accept completed papers on the Conference theme, panel proposals on the Conference theme, completed papers not on the Conference theme, and thematic panel proposals on a non-Conference theme. Abstracts will not be considered for inclusion in the Conference.

2. Papers should be submitted with a cover page that includes the title of the manuscript, the author's name and affiliation, and contact information. A second separate page should include the title and a one paragraph abstract of no more than 200 words. Manuscripts should be typed and double-spaced with notes and references on separate sheets, immediately following the text. Manuscripts should be no longer than 7,500 words (including text and references).

3. All panel proposals must include: a rationale for the panel and a one-page abstract of each paper, along with a commitment of each participant to attend the conference if the panel is accepted. Any panel that involves a respondent must include a rationale for including a respondent.

4. Four copies of papers or panel proposals should be mailed to:
Kevin DeLuca
Department of Speech Communication
Terrell Bldg.
University of Georgia
Athens, GA 30602