Environmental Communication Vol. 7 No. 1

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Environmental Communication: A Journal of Nature and Culture, Vol. 7, No. 1, 01 Mar 2013 is now available on Taylor & Francis Online.

This is a special issue on The Symbolic Transformation of Space.

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This new issue contains the following articles:

The Symbolic Transformation of Space
Jessica Leigh Thompson & James G. Cantrill

Cultural Discourses of Dwelling: Investigating Environmental Communication as a Place-based Practice *FREE ACCESS*
Donal Carbaugh & Tovar Cerulli

Articulating Identity In and Through Maine's North Woods
Karen Hutchins & Nathan Stormer

Changing the Conversation about Climate Change: A Theoretical Framework for Place-Based Climate Change Engagement
Sarah Schweizer, Shawn Davis & Jessica Leigh Thompson

Belonging to the Rainbow Region: Place, Local Media, and the Construction of Civil and Moral Identities Strategic to Climate Change Adaptability
Susan Ward & Kitty van Vuuren

Watershed as Common-Place: Communicating for Conservation at the Watershed Scale
Caroline Gottschalk Druschke

The Enrollment of Nature in Tourist Information: Framing Urban Nature as “the Other” *FREE ACCESS*
Ylva Uggla & Ulrika Olausson

Environmental Messages in Online Media: The Role of Place
Paul C. Adams & Astrid Gynnild

An On-line Narrative of Colorado Wilderness: Self-in-“Cybernetic Space”
Joseph G. Champ, Daniel R. Williams & Catherine M. Lundy

Acknowledgement of Guest Reviewers, Volume 6