The IECA in 2018: A vision ahead

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Members and friends:  I was asked by Nadarajah Sriskandarajah, organizer of COCE 2013, to introduce the conference keynote speaker, John Dryzek.  As part of my introductory comments, I posed the question, "What will IECA look like in 2018?"  Here is how I answered the question---
In 2018, five years from now, IECA will have:
*achieved three consecutive years in which revenue meets or exceeds expenditures
*increased its individual membership three-fold, to over 850 members, with at least a third of those members coming from non-academic sectors (education, practitioner, NGO, etc.)
*increased its organizational members to 25
*completed a successful "IECA champions" fundraising campaign by finding at least 50 individuals willing to donate $300 or more per year to sustain the organization's mission
*continued the growth in excellence of the journal ENVIRONMENTAL COMMUNICATION, including moving into the top ten of all communication journals in terms of impact factor
*hosted (or preparing to host) a COCE conference in the Southern Hemisphere
*hosted a number of IECA Exposition events aimed at training and development programming for practitioners, educators, and activists
*launched a "professional environmental communicator" training and certification program, based on the association's Code of Ethics
*obtained RINGO status from the United Nations and participated in UNFCCC (Rio +) and other global environmental politics activities
These are my dreams for the IECA moving forward.  What are yours?  It's your organization--help us to build it from here!!!