June, 2013 Issue of Environmental Communication (special issue on Visual Env Comm) has been published online

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The June, 2013 issue of ENVIRONMENTAL COMMUNICATION:  A JOURNAL OF NATURE AND CULTURE (special issue on visual environmental communication) has been published on line at www.tandfonline.com/renc.  Hard copy will be out shortly.

This issue was edited by Anders Hansen and David Machin. Good show, fellows!!

This issue is the first one in which we have tried to publish color images in an on-line only format. Take a look at the articles and let us know what you think.

Best way to support the journal is to promote it among your colleagues. And encourage your colleagues to join IECA. This organization is poised to make a difference in the years ahead!! Can't wait to see how it grows from here!!!

Environmental Communication:  A Journal of Nature and Culture

Volume 7, No. 2 (June, 2013)

 Special Issue:  Visual Environmental Communication

Anders Hansen and David Machin, Editors


Researching Visual Environmental Communication
Anders Hansen and David Machin


Visualizing the Chesapeake Bay Watershed Debate
Elizabeth A. G. Schwarz

Imaging Toxins
Jennifer Peeples

Selling Nature in a Resource-Based Economy: Romantic/Extractive Gazes and Alberta’s Bituminous Sands
Geo Takach

“Single-Minded, Compelling, and Unique”:  Visual Communications, Landscape, and the Calculated Aesthetic of Place Branding
Nicole Porter

The Nature of Time: How the Covers of the World’s Most Widely-Read Weekly News Magazine Visualize Environmental Affairs
Mark Meisner and Bruno Takahashi

Sporting Nature(s): Wildness, the Primitive, and Naturalizing Imagery in MMA and Sports Advertisements
Matthew Ferrari

Mobilizing Artists: Green Patriot Posters, Visual Metaphors, and Climate Change Activism
Brian Cozen