I Have Decided to Donate to IECA--Will You?

Stephen Depoe's picture

Friends: I've made a decision, and I want to share it with you.


I have decided to make a year-end donation to IECA, and to add IECA to my list of organizations to which I make charitable contributions each year.


I've been thinking a lot about what is important to me--personally, professionally, politically.  Where I spend my philanthropy dollars.


And, I've come to the conclusion that supporting the IECA as it strives to fulfill its mission--promoting effective envionmental communication around the world through research and practice--is something I want to do.


Supporting IECA beyond my annual membership dues will help the association to keep those dues levels lower--for everyone, and especially for students and for those from countries below World Bank level 1.


Supporting IECA with an extra gift will help our new organization keep an Executive Director employed at the level needed to ramp up our web site, spread the word to new audiences, and perform a host of other critical duties for us and with us.


Supporting IECA with my donation will allow the association to enhance its showcasing of the academic journal and biennial conference that we've grown to appreciate, even love, over the years.


Perhaps most importantly, giving to IECA will provide support for outreach, education, and other activities--such as co-sponsoring a conference in Colorado or helping to underwrite a new environmental documentary.


I'm giving $300 this year--in part, to celebrate the 300+ founding members who joined in our first year.


We are about to gain tax-exempt status for IECA from the Internal Revenue Service.  And, in the months ahead, our Board will develop and promote a giving campaign that will recognize givers at various levels, etc.  You'll be hearing about those developments in the near future.


I am not waiting.  I am giving now, because IECA is worthy of support.


I am asking you to consider making a donation this year.  Just go to the bottom of our home page, press the gold "donate" button, and follow directions from there.


I am thrilled that the membership has identified new leadership in Libby Lester as vice-chair and Jen Schneider as new Board member.  We're on our way to great things.  With your financial support, we can do even greater things in 2013 and beyond.