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ECA Colleagues:  Wanted to share some good news items with you--

*I just received my hard copy of the September 2012 issue of ENVIRONMENTAL COMMUNICATION:  A JOURNAL OF NATURE AND CULTURE (on-line version has been out for a while).  This issue, devoted to the topic of environmental justice in international contexts, was an outgrowth of the 2011 Conference on Communication and Environment hosted by Stacey Sowards and colleagues at the Univ. or Texas at El Paso.  The cover image was taken by U. Maine Ph.D. student Bridie McGreavy, who attended the conference and took the photo while on a tour of the former smelting factory of ASARCO.  Great conference, great special issue, reflecting the best of our field.

*We have begun formal editorial transition activities with the journal.  Incoming Editor Alison Anderson and I are working through the disposition of manuscripts currently under review or recently submitted.  Alison will take lead responsibility for reviewing and deciding on all manuscripts received after January 1, 2013.  She will say more about her plans for the journal in the weeks ahead.

*We are in the midst of a nomination process for IECA Board members and a new Vice-Chair (see for more information).  I encourage you to get involved with our great new association by nominating yourself for a Board position, or Vice Chair, or both.  A few of our members have self-nominated.  Come on in--the water's fine.

Great times ahead for IECA, everyone.  This is our association--it will become as important and meaningful to our academic field and broader communities as we want to make it.  Let's keep working to grow IECA!