Depoe Environmental Communication Class--IECA Excursion #8: Reviewing the Journal

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IECA members and friends:  Here is the eighth--and final--IECA excursion assignment I am giving my Environmental Communication class this semester.  The assignment asks them to read through the articles published in 2015 in our journal Environmental Communication, then identify and list five articles that they think are most relevant to topics covered in our class this semester.  Students who list five articles (following instructions below) will get 90/100 available points.  They are then eligible to get 10 additional points for each of the articles they pick that wind up being selected by the highest number of fellow students in the class.  So--the students will be rewarded for looking at all of the articles and picking the articles perceived by others as being most relevant or on-point to in-class topics and discussions.  Here is the assignment--

In this assignment, you are asked to review articles that have been published in 2015 in the IECA journal Environmental Communication.  You will read these articles, then identify five articles that you think are most relevant to topics, concepts, and issues that we have discussed in class this semester.  You will provide a list of the five articles as follows:

Author or authors (page #s), followed by 1-2 sentence explanation of relevance

You will receive 90 points on this assignment for providing a list of five references.  You will receive an additional 10 points for each of your five chosen articles that are among the top five most frequently chosen articles by fellow class members.  So--you could earn as much as 140 points (40 extra credit) if all five of the article you pick were the five most frequently chosen.


1.  Go to and log in as a member (user name, password).

2.  Return to home page and click on "publications" (top bar), followed by "environmental communication."

3.  Click on the green "Journal Access" button.  This will take you to the journal home page.

4.  On the journal home page, scoll down and click on "Volume 9 2015."  You will then get electronic access to all four issues in 2015 

5.  When you click on an issue (Issue 1, etc.), you will see a table of contents.  You can read each article by clicking on the green "full access" button to the right of the article title.

Your goal is to identify and list the five articles from 2015 that the students in the class views as the most relevant to our class this semester.  Good luck!


I will let you know which five articles the class members selected as most relevant.  Once the semester is over, we can debrief on how this IECA experiment went.  I think it's going well--I wonder what the students think.  What do you think?  Bye for now!!