Depoe Environmental Communication Class--IECA Excursion #7: Exploring the IECA Twitterverse (Part 3)

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IECA members and friends:  Here is the third and final Twitter-related assignment that I gave my Environmental Communication students in an attempt to encourage them to explore the "twitterverse" surrounding the IECA membership base.  

In this Twitter-related assignment, you are asked to do the following:

1.  Identify a Twitter handle that you discovered during the work you did on Excursions #5 and #6 that found particularly interesting and relevant to the class.

2.  Provide a summary of the handle, including name, Twitter abbreviation, person or organization that manages the handle, #s of followers and following, attendant web site (if any).

3.  Select and describe (1 paragraph each) five posts from the Twitter handle that involved links to other on-line content (photo, video, news item, etc.) that you found to be especially interesting or relevant to the course.  Describe the secondary content along with the post that linked to that content.

4.  Provide your overall impression of the effectiveness or engagement created by the Twitter handle you selected.  Is this a handle you would follow or recommend?  Why or why not?


Many IECA members are active on Twitter as posters of new content or conveyors (re-tweeters) of content that is already out there on-line.  I encourage you to leverage this activity in your environmental communication classes, and also on behalf of the IECA itself.  Add your own Twitter handle to your member profile, and encourage your Twitter followers to join the association.  It's a great value. 

IECA Excursion #8 is ahead--see you soon!