Depoe Environmental Communication Class--IECA Excursion #6: Exploring the IECA Twitterverse (Part 2)

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IECA members:  Hi again.  My Environmental Communication class is in the middle of a three-part exploration of the IECA "twitterverse."  In their next assignment, each student will be given the name and Twitter handle of a current IECA member who is active on Twitter.  Here is what I am asking the students to do---

Excursion 6  is the second of a three-part trip to the world of Twitter to understand the "twitterverse" of environmental communication and, more specifically, of the membership of the International Environmental Communication Association.  

Specifically, each student is assigned to analyze the Twitter traffic of one IECA member (see attached file for assignment).

Here is the assignment (same approach as Excursion 5 with one additional step)---

1.  Go to the Twitter handle you were assigned, then review the list of individuals and groups that follow the handle (as "followers") and the list of individuals and groups that are followed by the handle (as "following").

2.  From those lists, pick out 10 Twitter handles related to some aspect of environmental news, science, or communication that you believe have the highest number of followers on the list.

3.  Once you get your "top 10" Twitter handles, review the "followers" and "following" lists of those 10 handles, and pick out an additional 5 Twitter handles related to some aspect of environmental news, science, or communication that you think are most interesting or relevant to class discussion--not necessarily having the highest number of followers.  Create a second list of those "extra 5" twitter handles, with handle name, brief descriptions, and number of followers.

4.  Final step (new to this excursion)--In 1-3 sentences, summarize the overall set of environmental news and information handles you found within the Twitter-verse of the individual you were assigned.

For the final part of this three-part trip to the IECA Twitterverse (Excursion #7), I will ask you to focus some attention on one Twitter handle that you found that is especially interesting to you.   For now--good luck with this excursion!!


And now, I have an assignment for you, my IECA friends:  I would like to see every one of you who uses Twitter to post your Twitter handle on your IECA member profile.  And--let's use Twitter to promote one another's work in the academic, professional, and activist spheres.  Let's follow each other, and strengthen our connections to the larger Twitterverse of environmental discourse and action!!!