Depoe Environmental Communication Class--IECA Excursion #5: Exploring the IECA Twitterverse (Part 1)

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IECA members:  We are halfway through my Environmental Communication class this semester at the University of Cincinnati.  Thanks to all of you who responded when contacted by my students with questions about your IECA membership (see list of members who responded below).  You made a very positive impression on the students--much appreciated.  This is how we encourage and nurture tomorrow's environmental communication professionals.

So--Here we go with IECA Excursion #5--the first of three excursions where students will explore and construct the "IECA Twitterverse"!

Excursions 5, 6, and 7 will ask you to take a trip to the world of Twitter to understand the "twitterverse" of environmental communication and, more specifically, of the International Environmental Communication Association.  You will discover environmental news, science, and communication Twitter handles that are the most followed by (or followers of) members of IECA.

Excursion 5 is a pilot assignment, a way to get you some experience in depicting the Twitter environment.  We will focus on two Twitter handles:  my own handle (@stevedepo) and the IECA handle (@theieca).  Students with last name starting A-L will focus on @stevedepo, and last name starting M-Z will focus on @theieca.

Here is the assignment---

1.  Go to your assigned Twitter handle, then review the list of individuals and groups that follow the handle (as "followers") and the list of individuals and groups that are followed by the handle (as "following").

2.  From those lists, pick out 10 Twitter handles related to some aspect of environmental news, science, or communication that you believe have the highest number of followers on the list (example, @stevedepo follows the Greenpeace site @greenpeace, which has 1.47 million followers).  Create a list with the Twitter handles, brief descriptions, and number of followers of the "top 10" Twitter handles that you find (either "Depoe's top 10" or "IECA's top 10"[NOTE:  Don't list @greenpeace on either "top 10" list].  [ADDITIONAL NOTE:  The student who lists the "top 10" handle with the highest number of followers gets 50 extra points on this assignment]

3.  Once you get your "top 10" Twitter handles, review the "followers" and "following" lists of those 10 handles, and pick out an additional 5 Twitter handles related to some aspect of environmental news, science, or communication that you think are most interesting or relevant to class discussion--not necessarily having the highest number of followers.  Create a second list of those "extra 5" twitter handles, with handle name, brief descriptions, and number of followers.

For the next excursion, I will ask you to research the Twitter "followers" and "following" lists of some IECA members.  We are on our way to mapping the IECATwitterverse!!


THANK YOU TO THE FOLLOWING IECA MEMBERS WHO HELPED WITH EXCURSION #3:  Lee Ahern, Celia Alario, Alison Anderson, Lindsay Badger, Ray Bendor, Richard Besel, Toby Bolson, Max Boykoff (helped 2 students), Elizabeth Brunner, Robert Cox, Marilyn DeLaure, Jake Dionne, Richard Doherty, Julie Doyle, Eva Ekstrand, Danielle Endres, Daniel Fischer, Carrie Freeman, Stephen Griego, Mimi Katzenbach, Ashley Kelly, Samuel Lee-Gammage, Anthony Leiserowitz, Ed Maibach (helped 2 students), Sheree Martin, Sarah Massey-Warren, Emily Plec (helped 2 students), Jen Schneider (helped 3 students), Hollie Smith (helped 3 students), Shelly Sommer, Ron Steffens, Eli Typhina, Lynda Walsh, Elise Yoder, Reuben Zondervan.