Depoe Environmental Communication Class--IECA Excursion #3: Contact Another IECA Member

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Fellow IECA members:  Hi.  I'm back to tell you about IECA Excursion #3 that I have assigned to my environmental communication students (who have been required to join IECA as part of the class).

In this assignment, each student is asked to contact another IECA member and send them an e-mail message requesting some information.  Here is the description----

Excursion #3: Contact another IECA member (due by 1159pm on Monday, September 28) 100 points 1. Log into your IECA membership at 2. Find the member directory. 3. Contact by e-mail one IECA member (use last name--same first two letters as your last name--use first letter only if first two are not available--Z last names can use X, Y, or Z). 4. In your e-mail, identify yourself as an IECA member and also a student in Professor Depoe's Environmental Communicaiton class at UC. Ask the member what their current profession or line of work is, when they joined the IECA, why they joined IECA, and what benefits they derive from the membership. 5. Cut and paste the e-mail exchange into your answer (either WORD file or directly as a response to the assignment). 6. As a final point, indicate one thing you learned from the exchange, either about the member you contacted or about the IECA.

When you get that e-mail request from one of my students, please answer it in a timely fashion if at all possible.  If you are too busy, that's okay--just gently inform the student that you are unable to respond.

I have asked the students to contact other members per first two letters of their last name, to spread out the effort across the IECA membership.

Thanks in advance for helping my students get to know their fellow IECA members!!!