Depoe Environmental Communication Class--IECA Excursion #1: Member Profile and Twitter--You Can Help!

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IECA members:  As I wrote last week, I am teaching an undergraduate Environmental Communication class this semester at the University of Cincinnati that is dual-listed in Communication and Environmental Studies.  I am requiring my 48 students to join the IECA as student members as part of the course--to leverage the member-only content and expertise of the IECA, and to show soon-to-be-graduates what it means to join a professional organization.

I have decided to assign 10 "IECA excursions" during the semester--10 different assignments that allow students to explore various areas of the environmental communication field, its scholarship, as well as the IECA membership itself.  I am going to report on each of these 10 excursions via this blog, in the hope of generating comments and suggestions from my readers, and also as a means of recruiting some of you to try this approach in your future environmental communication courses.  I think the students will learn a lot from these excursions.

In IECA Excursion #1, I am asking the students to join IECA ($60 student membership fee is less expensive than many textbooks), and create a member profile, including name-contact information, a one-paragraph biographical statement, and the selection of at least 10 interest areas from the list provided.  I am also asking students to share their Twitter handle with me (and to set up a Twitter account if they don't have one).  I am going to follow each of the students on Twitter, and ask each of them to follow me.  We will do more with the "Twitterverse" in future assignments.

You can get involved and help our class out (and also increase the value of the IECA directory) by logging in, updating your own member profile with name-contact information, updated biographical statement, a photo, checking interest areas, and also listing your own Twitter handle.

The member directory is for everyone--and the more information you are willing to share, the more we all can find out about the marvelous contours of the environmental communication profession.

That's all for the first Excursion.  Excursion #2 will involve working with the interest areas.  Let me know what you think--suggestions welcome!