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New Thread: Let's Build the Social Media Presence of Environmental Communicators/IECA!!

IECA members and list-servers: Hi again. New thread here. As you know, I am interested in building value for IECA as a professional organization, and also in growing the scope and impact of environmental communication as a global academic field as well as an ethical enterprise of practice.

Here is a new and important idea, something we should already be doing on our own as environmental scholars/educators/advocates practitioners and IECA members, but something we can do together to leverage our numbers and our diversity as a community.

Let's increase our social media activity to circulate the latest results of environmental communication research, relevant news from around the world, scientific breakthroughs in climate change and other areas, and a host of other topics. Let's expand the EC social media universe!!

Let's Build An Educator/Undergraduate Student Member Program For IECA!

IECA colleagues: As you may know, since Fall 2015 I have required students taking my undergraduate Environmental Communication course to join IECA with a student membership plus on-line journal subscription (2017 cost: $76). I have built a number of assignments around this membership that I call "IECA excursions." See for a list of assignments. I have pitched the membership to students as on par or less expensive than a textbook in many of their classes, plus providing exposure to a professional organization in a possible career field for some of them.

Join IECA or Renew Membership for 2018! Help Us Grow The Organization!

Friends--I am posting my annual call asking you to renew your IECA membership for 2018, or to join in 2018 if you have never been a member or have let your membership lapse in 2017. We need your voice, your participation, and your financial support to move this organization forward into the future.

Support IECA--Now More Than Ever!!

IECA members and colleagues:  I write on the morning after the U. S. Presidential election.  The American voters have elected Donald Trump to the highest office in our country.  As we all think about the many ramifications of that electoral decision, I want to pose this proposition to you--

IECA is needed, now more than ever.

IECA is celebrating its fifth birthday in 2016.  We have accomplished much together, including the expansion of the journal ENVIRONMENTAL COMMUNICATION and an editor rotation--Alison Anderson from 2014-16, Matt Nisbet rotating in starting in January 2017--that has continued to build the quality and impact of that flagship publication in our field, as well as the successful hosting of COCE conferences in Sweden and Colorado.  We have broadened and deepened partnerships with scholars from around the world as well as with other research organizations and non-profit advocacy groups.  We have obtained status as an observer organization to the United Nations Framework on Climate Change (UNFCC), and, like last year in Paris, IECA members are once again attending the upcoming COP-22 meetings in Morocco on behalf of the organization.  I look forward to seeing blog posts over the next few weeks!


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