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Chair Richard Doherty on Life Simplified Radio

Hi All,

I had the opportunity to be on the radio and talk a little about the IECA and our new local symposium initiative. I also spoke about the new weekly environmental radio show Ecotones that I am hosting on WMPG 90.9.

Here is the URL for the interview -  archive-player

The archive only last 6 weeks and the show was on March 15th, so take a listen now!

Thoughts of Being on the Board

As the IECA Vice Chair, one of the cool tasks I have is to encourage members to self-nominate for the Board of Director positions. I would like to encourage you to do that now.  Here are a few thoughts you might consider:  

- My late husband could always find the good in something. When I would get frustrated and say how I hated something (say, the way the media reported on the environment) he insisted I say five things that I loved. Sometimes it was hard to find five related things that I loved. It made me realize how much we can focus on the negative and it makes us blind to the positive things.

- Right now I am teaching an LAS class to first year students called The Forest Through the Trees. It focuses on our connection to nature and the human responsibility for it. We go outside to explore the forest half of each class and they write essays about their thoughts on forest issues. I recently had them write a short piece on what they thought the future for the environment was. At least two thirds of them had a negative outlook with little if any hope. I asked them if this is what I was communicating in class and they said no, it was what they learned throughout high school and from the media. It is hard for them to see the "good" and have hope. I'm of the mind that hope breeds action.

IECA invited to the 2015 European Communication Summit

My main goal while a member of the leadership of the IECA is to get our work out in the world so it can help do good. So when the IECA was invited to send a speaker to the 2015 European Communication Summit in Brussels, and that speaker turned out to be me, the new Vice Chair of the IECA, I was jazzed.

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